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Lavello is one of the municipalities in the splendid area of Vulture and it is home to several places of historical and artistic interest which testify to its ancient origins. In this splendid village takes place one of the most interesting Carnivals of the Lucanian tradition, "the Domino", whose typical mask of the same name wears an original red tunic and wanders the streets of the town and among the "festivals", places set up for the occasion when dancing until the morning.
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Lavello  | Apt Basilicata
Apt Basilicata
Lavello  | Apt Basilicata
Apt Basilicata
Lavello  | Apt Basilicata
Apt Basilicata
A look at Lavello
A look at Lavello

About the village

Lavello (Lavìdde in Potentino dialect) has very ancient origins, as is witnessed by the discovery of some remains of a village from the Iron Age. It originates from the dauno-roman agglomerate Forentum. The toponym derives from the latin term labellum, used to indicate the livestock drinking trough. The village rises, in fact, halfway between the planes of Puglia and the green pastures of the Vulture, along the tracks of the transhumance which connect the inner zones of the Tavoliere. The location plays a key role in the development of the country. Its importance is already attested of the Lombards and here was killed, in 839, Riccardo, duke of Benevento.

In the territory of the Vulture appears, following the Altavilla family, the Norman knight Attolino, Lord of the village. To the Normans, followed the domain of the Swabians, who built their fortress. In 1254, to sink died Emperor Corrado IV son of Frederick II. Faithful to Manfredi, sink actively participated in the revolt ghibellina 1268. The village, in 1298, as retaliation suffered a serious fire caused by Charles I of Anjou, that destroyed a large part of the village. This event is also remembered by the municipal coat of arms, in which is shown a two floor tower invaded by the flames.

The fertility of the territory allows the production of cereals, grapes, olives, vegetables and beet. There are olivicultori, oil mills, Molini, beet processing, wine plants (Aglianico wine and sparkling wine of Vulture). The herds of cattle and sheep with production of milk, meat and wool; famous is the buffalo milk mozzarella lucana. There are also shops of ceramic wood processing.

The Domino of Lavello is one of the carnivals of the Lucan tradition, involving masked groups and protagonist sees the Domino, dressed with cap, tunic and cloak red color, equipped with a bag to invite to dance the damsel of turn. According to tradition, his motions well enclose the spirit goliardico saturdays carnascialeschi, when the community is found between songs and dances in the so-called "festini". The mask symbolizes romance and gallantry. During the carnival, disguise himself from Domino cancel the social class, citizens are all equal.

Village of Lavello
Municipality of Lavello

Province of Potenza
Basilicata Region

Population: 13.525
Altitude centre: 313 m s.l.m.

the Municipality is part of:
Città del vino

Municipality of Lavello
Via Cavour 13 - Lavello (PZ)
Tel. +39 0972 80111


  • From the A16 Napoli-Bari motorway:
    - Candela exit
    - Cerignola Ovest exit
  • From the A14 Bologna-Taranto motorway:
    - Cerignola Est exit
  • From Matera: percorrere in parte la SS 655


  • Rapolla-Lavello station
  • Rocchetta-Sant' Antonio station


  • Bari airport
  • Naples airport

Sleep, eat, buy...

Bontà dei Borghi Lucani
In this shop you can find the food and wine quality typical of the area.
Via Roma, 75, Castelmezzano (Potenza)
61.14 Kilometers from Lavello
Nautilus Boat Trips
SP Maratea - Castello - 85046, Maratea (Potenza)
118.01 Kilometers from Lavello


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