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Lake Iseo

Province of Bergamo, Province of Brescia

Lago d Iseo  | Andrew Mayovskyy/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo
Andrew Mayovskyy/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo  | s74/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo
Lago d Iseo  | Zigres/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo
Lago d Iseo  | Zigres/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo
Lago d Iseo  | nblx/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo
Lago d Iseo  | Janis Smits/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo
Janis Smits/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo  | Andrew Mayovskyy/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo
Andrew Mayovskyy/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo  | Ardenvis/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo
Lago d Iseo  | Riccardo Meloni/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo
Riccardo Meloni/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo  | Nico3232/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo
Lago d Iseo  | Macthia/shutterstock
Lago d Iseo

Lake Iseo is an Italian lake of glacial origin located in Lombardy, between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia.
The surrounding landscape ranges from the moraine hills to the mountains of Alta Val Camonica making the area unique and a must-visit.

The waters of Lake Iseo are very clear and rich in fish, including trout, perch, whitefish and pike.
Animals in the area include wild boar, foxes, deer, wolves, golden eagles and peregrine falcons. The vegetation is also very diverse and covered with broadleaf forests, grasslands, juniper thickets and reeds.

The lake's main activity is tourism, as it offers countless opportunities for recreation and entertainment. Here you can take boat trips, enjoy water sports such as windsurfing, sailing or water skiing, or simply enjoy a relaxing walk along its shores.

Villages on Lake Iseo

The villages on Lake Iseo are among the most picturesque in the Lombardy region. They are small, quaint villages that line the lake shore, offering breathtaking views. Among them is Lovere, an ancient medieval village with a historic center rich in monuments and churches. Here you can admire the Church of San Giorgio, built in the 18th century, and the Palazzo Tadini, a neoclassical building that now houses a museum.

Another place not to be missed is Iseo, located a few kilometers from the lake. Here you will find numerous tourist attractions such as the Oldofredi Castle, one of the oldest and best preserved in the Brescian area. Sulzano is also a very interesting village, mainly known for its connection to Monte Isola.

Another not-to-be-missed stop in the villages of Lake Iseo is Sarnico, a tourist resort that fascinates with its modern facilities and surrounding artistic and natural beauty. Here you can visit the Parish Church of San Martino Vescovo, of medieval origin and renovated in the early decades of the 16th century, and the Museo Civico d'Arte e del Territorio "Gianni Bellini," located in the Palazzo Gervasoni, a 15th-century building at the highest point of Sarnico's historic center.

Monte Isola is also one of the villages not to be missed if you are exploring Lake Iseo. A pristine romantic lake island that offers spectacular views of the lake waters and made famous in 2016 thanks to Christo's "The Floating Piers" art installation. Recognized as one of the "Borghi più Belli d'Italia," Monte Isola is considered the pearl of Lake Iseo, an ideal destination for quiet outings, considering that only mopeds, bicycles and a few service vehicles can circulate on the island.

Events and Manifestations on Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo is a place full of events and happenings, attracting visitors from all over Italy. Numerous festivals, festivals and other events take place each year, offering entertainment for all tastes. Major events include the Festival of Musical Waves, the San Giacomo Fair, the Sagra del Casoncello, and the Iseo Carnival.

In summer, various cultural events are organized on Lake Iseo, including exhibitions, theater performances, literary meetings, and lectures. In addition, a film festival is organized every year, with screenings of classic and modern films, as well as workshops and debates with directors and film critics.

For sports enthusiasts, a non-competitive march around the lake, called "Camminata del Lago d'Iseo," is also held every year, attracting thousands of participants. This event has become a fixture for those who love to walk and discover the natural beauty of the lake.
In short, Lake Iseo is a place full of events and happenings that offer fun and entertainment for all tastes. For those who want to spend an unforgettable vacation on the lake, these events are an excellent opportunity to discover the scenic and cultural beauty of the area.

The gastronomy of Lake Iseo

On the tables of the villages of Lake Iseo, dishes and flavors typical of the past are rediscovered. The typical dishes of the lake are various, but among all, fish is one of the flagships of the gastronomic culture of the area.
One of the principle dishes of Lake Iseo is baked tench, a specialty of Clusane d'Iseo to which an entire festival is dedicated in July: the "Baked Tench Week". Prepared with a filling of cheese, salt, bread and parsley, tench is served with polenta.
Another delicacy of Lake Iseo are the dried sardines typical of Monte Isola, cooked quickly over hot coals and seasoned with oil, parsley and garlic. The process of drying the sardines, which takes place from December to March, is an ancient method of preservation that to this day is protected as a Slow Food presidium.

For meat dishes, moving away from the shores of the lake, on the tables are products more connected to the land and livestock farming, such as meats and cured meats. First and foremost is Monte Isola salami, one of the finest, about 15 cm long and 5 cm in diameter, prepared in a beef casing called "bastone" or "dritto."

Wines from the area include Franciacorta, one of the best Italian white wines, made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc; Valcalepio, a ruby-red wine with an intense, pleasant bouquet and a flavor reminiscent of black cherry; and finally, Moscato di Scanzo, a raisin wine with a deep red color and extremely fragrant.

From the surrounding mountains, which frame this spectacular area, come some of the most renowned cheeses of Lake Iseo, among them: Silter DOP, Salva, Casolet, Formaggella, Stracchino Bronzone, and Nostrano del Monte Guglielmo are among Lake Iseo's most popular cheeses.

The people of the lake are proud of their gastronomic culture and make great use of local products to prepare traditional dishes. The best way to savor all the flavors of Lake Iseo is to visit local restaurants and taste local specialties.

Villages on Lake Iseo

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