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Farmhouse Fattoriabio

Where to shop in Satriano di Lucania, Potenza, Basilicata

In the heart of the Melandro River Valley, 653 metres above sea level in the Lucanian Apennines, lies Satriano di Lucania: the village lies on the slopes of three rocky masses, namely Madonna della Rocca, Piesco and Castello. In Satriano di Lucania, famous for the murals that enliven the historic centre and for being the birthplace of the 16th-century painter Giovanni De Gregorio, known as Il Pietrafesa, you will find the Agriturismo Fattoriabio, a farm with a long tradition that has carried on its business in full respect of the surrounding nature.

The philosophy of Fattoriabio
The first thing that strikes you when you enter Fattoriabio is the painting of the ancestor of the Pucciariello family, who left first for Brazil and then Germany and finally returned to Satriano di Lucania. Here he took over his parents' farming business, cultivating the land while respecting the surrounding agricultural ecosystem. Still today Fattoriabio proudly carries on a form of sustainable and organic farming, exploiting the natural fertility of the soil through the ancient concept of soil rotation, totally excluding the use of chemicals and limiting the development of plant and animal parasites.
The result of this philosophy is the production of genuine products, which often undergo the controls of BioAgriCert, which is responsible for ensuring the correctness and wholesomeness of the production methods.
The members of the Pucciariello family still preserve the organic soul of the farm, without forgetting those ancient traditions that can be felt today in the accommodation or in the farmhouse.

Cooking and education for everyone
At Agriturismo Fattoriabio it is possible to taste products that are for the most part produced on site and absolutely organic, from pulses to spelt, from vegetables to tomato puree and even some dairy products. You can't miss the homemade pasta in particular, in formats linked to the local tradition such as orecchiette and strascinati, but above all the cruschi peppers, a real delicacy to be savoured to the full. Among the masterfully cooked main courses are stuffed rabbit, local sausages and the inevitable Satrian-style lamb.
The farmhouse also has menus for vegans, vegetarians or those with food intolerances, making it absolutely inclusive.
It is also possible to stay on the farm and take part in educational activities that are particularly suitable for children, such as "La pasta in casa" (home-made pasta) and "Come nasce un frutto" (how a fruit is born): these events, amidst stories and historical anecdotes, teach children how to make pasta or how to cultivate a plant, always remaining in contact with nature.

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Satriano di Lucania

Satriano di Lucania

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