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The new portal that accompanies you in the world of the villages of Italy and will make you discover the great heritage that they preserve.

E-BORGHI aims at promoting the culture of villages and the historical, artistic, natural, manufacturing, food and wine heritage as well as the different geographic areas at an International level.

E-BORGHI means innovation and it represents a real evolution of the way Italy is imagined so it is deeply different from the old-fashioned ways to describe the villages. The whole project’s phylosophy is focused on the need to provide the readers with a comprehensive view of the villages and their surrounding areas. It’s an all-round  experience  that makes E-BORGHI the only refernce point for the true lovers of the slow tourism


our editorial staff likes the elegance, the essential and as a consequence the evolution. The core value of e-borghi isn’t simply represented by the villages, the little -e- before the word “borghi” (villages) is the keystone to open the doors of the entire universe and let the readers explore the world. The change is hidden behind this little -e-

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