Villages tales - When villages tell about themselves - Address book to spread the culture of authentic villages and of the great historical heritage that they preserve


Villages tales
When villages tell about themselves

Stories, short stories, posters, glimpses and echoes from the past that whisper the beauties of fertile land rich in history, served to delight the refined palates of the lovers of the villages and of the medieval culture.

Comacchio: the village, the eels and the lagoon
Comacchio: magic of the waters in the Po Delta, to be traveled by boat to savor the slow pace and then dedicate itself to the star of the village: the eel. With a dedicated museum and 48 recipes that see it as a protagonist
23/01/2019 | By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
Vrù (Turin), the village of the nativity scenes where Turin and Pisa meet
Vrù is a small fraction of Cantoira, in the Lanzo Valleys. It is a village on the still mountains where miners who extracted talcum lived. In addition to the cribs and the miniatures of the Mole di Torino and the Tower of Pisa.
07/01/2019 | By Antonia Gorgoglione
Puglia: the village of Locorotondo, wonder of the Murgia dei Trulli, land of wine and oil.
Among the picturesque old town, the views over the expanses of olive groves and vineyards, the white wine Locorotondo DOC, extra virgin olive oil, orecchiette, tripe rolls and castrato roasted in the oven.
03/01/2019 | By Luca Sartori
Saint Vincent and Chatillon: symbolic villages of Aosta Valley
Two wonderful villages that encompass the whole soul of the Aosta Valley characterized by historical, cultural, naturalistic and wellness attractions
12/12/2018 | By Redazione
Polignano a Mare: beauty always in season
The charm of the winter sea, an emotion that you can not miss in Puglia
10/12/2018 | By Marino Pagano
Enzo Siciliano and Falerna, beauties of 'Diamante'
In the territory of the village of Castiglione Marittimo, here Enzo Siciliano thinks of his 'Diamante'.
27/11/2018 | By Marino Pagano
5 romantic villages for emotions between poetry, dream and reality
5 romantic villages, Italian masterpieces rich in magic and centuries-old charm that arouse amazement and wonder. For unforgettable emotions that last over time
30/10/2018 | By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
Giovinazzo, a story that embraces the sea
Puglia, a land of villages and marine beauties.
23/10/2018 | By Marino Pagano
Montefalco: Sagrantino, Saint Francis and the cellars of the friars
It overlooks the Umbrian valley, designed by the vineyards where the most famous of its wines, the Sagrantino Docg, is born, among the symbols of Italian enology. A village with paths of Bacchus to be discovered, even in the cellars of the Museum of Saint Francis
16/10/2018 | By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
Plataci, where murals tell the past
A small town where the culture of ancient Italian Arberia is still protected.
15/10/2018 | By Marino Pagano
Basilicata: the village of Viggianello, land of mountains, brooms and the Paddaccio cheese.
The ancient village that belonged to the noble Sanseverino family, a land of brooms, churches, fountains and noble palaces, including simple and tasty dishes and the excellent Paddaccio del Pollino cheese.
03/10/2018 | By Luca Sartori
Civita, land of the Calabrese arberia
A thought of beauty after the Raganello tragedy
18/09/2018 | By Marino Pagano
Tricarico, between the history of the Saracens and the poetry of the peasants
Also a sumptuous diocesan museum
31/08/2018 | By Marino Pagano
Amendolea, in the clouds, among the fig trees
We are in Amendolea vecchia, a hamlet of Condofuri, in the province of Reggio Calabria. We are in one of the abandoned villages of Calabria, and one of the different perched on the hills of Aspromontane.
04/09/2018 | By Daniela Sorace
Trentino: the village of Moena, in the heart of the Val di Fassa, where Puzzone cheese is born
The main center of the Val di Fassa, in the splendid scenery of the Dolomites. Land of history and its cheese, the Puzzone.
24/08/2018 | By Luca Sartori
Tuscany: the village of Giglio Castello between the extraordinary view of the archipelago, a glass of Ansonaco and the rabbit cacciatore
The picturesque medieval village of Giglio Castello overlooking the sea and a traditional table made of intense flavors. From traditional fish dishes to wild rabbit to cacciatore to good local wine.
11/09/2018 | By Luca Sartori
Vernazza, an Unesco village
Colorful houses around the main square, the rocky amphitheater that encloses the marina, the two Saracen fortresses and an unusual church
25/07/2018 | By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
San Quirico d'Orcia, Unesco heritage in the province of Siena
A village in the heart of the Val d'Orcia. An expression of great beauty and also of the concrete sense of design, in line with the proverbial Tuscan magniloquence
12/09/2018 | By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
Verucchio, all the suggestion of the Malatesta in this village that dominates the Val Marecchia
Echoes of history, leaders and intrigues of power to be discovered, for a real journey through time.
05/09/2018 | By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
History, art and literature intertwine at Arquà Petrarca, a village set in the Euganean Hills, among the most beautiful in Italy
Scenographic and medieval, contains in its glimpses the integrity and the suggestion of the past, also proposed with re-enactments in costume
13/08/2018 | By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
Montelupone, a medieval hilltop village in a historical backdrop built over time
All around, a wall enclosing a treasure chest of precious stones and the original stone paving
07/08/2018 | By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
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