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The curious side of italian villages

The gates of mystery open wide, breaking down the barriers of the supernatural, myth and legends. The dark side of the Italian villages reveals its essence with echoes from a distant, unknown and sometimes scary past. A column for the fearless who have fur on their stomachs to sell!

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24/03/2019 | By Redazione
A flower on each balcony: Procida welcomes spring
Also this year, the Municipality of the maritime village of Campania invites the inhabitants to embellish gates, windows and terraces with ornamental plants to celebrate the beginning of the new season
21/03/2019 | By Redazione
A little tour through the villages of Cesare Pavese
Santo Stefano Belbo in Piedmont and Brancaleone in Calabria
30/12/2018 | By Marino Pagano
With Sophia Loren, also Cesare Cremonini is Honorary Citizen of Maratea.
The singer-songwriter Cesare Cremonini has been recently nominated as an honorary citizen by the municipality of "the pearl of the Tirreno".
27/12/2018 | By Redazione
Four steps ... in 4 fortified villages
Poker of aces of fortified villages to go to the discovery of history and curiosities. Legends intertwined with art and architecture, medieval or renaissance epics that reveal to the visitor all the uniqueness of these Italian jewels
17/12/2018 | By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
Mount Mosiné: alien base and land of dark mysteries and spiritual legends
At the gates of the Val di Susa, a few kilometers from Turin, stands the most mysterious mountain in Italy, Mount Mosiné. The place is famous for its countless sightings of UFOs and for its ancient esoteric legends.
05/12/2018 | By Pier olpato
The lakes of Avigliana between mysteries and fantasy
A few kilometers from Turin we find the town of Avigliana, a famous village located within the Natural Park of the lakes of Avigliana, next to the Mareschi swamp.
14/11/2018 | By Pier Volpato
10 things to do in 10 Italian villages, great classics and unexpected surprises
Ten things to do and see in ten villages: a trip along the Peninsula to live as protagonists the most precious and authentic Italian places, full of curiosities and opportunities
07/11/2018 | By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
5 villages with ghosts and witches for Halloween
Scary villages and even movie sets, castles with ghosts, witches' sands, legends and mysterious phenomena, magic potions and poisons. For strong and... fearful emotions!
17/10/2018 | By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
That link between Martina Franca and San Gennaro
The village of the Itria valley
24/09/2018 | By Marino Pagano
Piea and its castle, a small village between Monferrato and mysteries
Among the eighty rooms of his castle goes the ghost of the White Lady.
25/09/2018 | By Luca Sartori
The legend of the Talami of Orsogna
It is celebrated twice a year, at Easter and in August, and while all of Italy is preparing for fireworks, barbecues and battles with water balloons, Orsogna is ready with its legendary Talami
15/08/2018 | By Ivan Pisoni
The mysterious coral castle of Miami
A mysterious complex built in secret by one man, to be able to regain his beloved.
15/07/2018 | By Ivan Pisoni
Turin, magic and mysteries in black and white
Elegant, regal and mysterious. Turin is considered the most esoteric city of Italy: surrounded by mystery, it is a fascinating charade of enigmas and legends
22/07/2018 | By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
Castle of Torrechiara, the legend of love between the duchess and the condottiere
A castle, a brave hero and a lady: the ingredients are all there, for this legend intertwined with the story to be retraced on the rio delle Favole and in the manor, especially in the "Golden Chamber"
08/07/2018 | By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
The legend of Princess Gavina and the birth of the village of Gavi
A mysterious girl with a strong personality, an escape of love and a passion for a territory. An interweaving of history and legend... spread in taverns.
24/06/2018 | By Ivan Pisoni
The legend of the ghost of the beautiful White Lady of the castle of Duino
A sad and touching story tells us of a noble lady, in love and faithful, of her consort, evil and jealous, and of a strange white rock
17/06/2018 | By Ivan Pisoni
The figure of Nicola Ielpo and the village of Rotondella
The history of the old 500 liras? It begun in the Lucania of Rotondella.
10/06/2018 | By Marino Pagano
Candela, the delightful village of Foggia, where the roots of the actor Pierfrancesco Favino lie.
The hills of South Daunia, the views, the domination of the Swabians, the alleys and squares, the orecchiette, the "ciammaruche", the Mother Church, the successes of Pierfrancesco Favino, the cinema and television and then the Sanremo Festival.
19/06/2018 | By Luca Sartori
Giarratana, the village on the slopes of Monte Lauro, home of the actress Loredana Cannata
The beautiful baroque churches, the characteristic hilly setting, the alleys, the stairs, the characteristic foreshortenings, the white nougat, the onion and the beautiful actress Loredana Cannata, protagonist of many successful films
13/03/2018 | By Luca Sartori
Zocca, the small village of the Apennines of Modena that gave birth to Vasco Rossi.
Zocca is a land of chestnuts and good air, borlenghi and crescentine, but also music and the birthplace of the great Vasco Rossi.
06/03/2018 | By Luca Sartori
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