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Bruce Chatwin ... the journey continues: photo exhibition in Castelnuovo Magra

Saturday 24 june 2017

From 8 July to 8 October will be held at the Tower of the Bishops of Luni of Castelnuovo Magra the exhibition Bruce Chatwin ... the journey continues, organized by the Municipality of Castelnuovo Magra in collaboration with the Chatwin Association.

Bruce Chatwin ... the journey continues: photo exhibition in Castelnuovo Magra

The tower of the Castle of the Bishops of Luni in Castelnuovo Magra, will host, from 8th July to 8th October,  the exhibition Bruce Chatwin... the journey continues.The exhibition is in collaboration with Chatwin Association. 

This photo exhibition wants to celebrate the British writer and traveler who has astonished the literary world with "In Patagonia" and has been author of cult books for over 40 years.

Bruce Chatwin

Besides being a great writer, Chatwin was a talented photographer. Photography was a fundamental component of his life, a notebook of faithful notes that serves as a narrative tool for the stories of his books. His studies and profound knowledge of art provided him with a clear and accurate way of observing, able to capture the finest details- even those hidden in decorations and dresses-; while his love for simple architectures transformed in perfect planes and geometries what the objective of his little Leica captured. Everything was done with the utmost discretion: a few seconds to get the small camera out of the backpack, take a picture and then start right away. In his migration he took over 3,000 photos. To demonstrate how essential it was to accompany his travels to images, her wife Elizabeth told that sh often had to reach him in some remote parts of the world to carry the rolls he missed.

The exhibition is set the seven levels of the Tower and houses black and white images made available by Elizabeth Chatwin from the conspicuous archive kept at the University of Oxford. In addition, some unpublished shots, including those made with his wife in Yunnan.
The selection of shots will make you walk across several continents that will end with some famous Patagonia photos and will capture you details that would probably go unnoticed in the eyes of anyone else.

In addition to the photographs, the inseparable backpack will be exposed, crafted artisanally on its design by an English saddle.

The exhibition is curated by the Cultural Chatwin association and by Maurizio Garofalo, photo editor and art director, while the outfit was made by Studio Xlab architecture by Ilaria Attuoni and Roberto Ariu.


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