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Located in the most suggestive stretch of the Nebrodi ridge, Cesarò includes among its buildings the Palazzo Zito, once the residence of the homonymous family and today a museum house. The peasant activity of the villages of the island is the basis of the gastronomic tradition. Even in Cesarò, as in many small mountain towns, the kitchen uses a few easily available ingredients. Ricotta is one of the many typical Cesarese dairy products.
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A look at Cesarò
A look at Cesarò

About the village

Cesarò is located in the most suggestive of the backbone of the Nebrodi, comprising the highest summit of the chain, Monte Soro, and lakes Biviere and Maullazzo. The origin of the name of Cesarò is uncertain, but most philologists explains its etymology with the Arabic word "kaer", "fortified place", which would then be evolved in Kasr, Kasròn, and then in Cesarò.

The first certain news of its existence date back only at the beginning of the XVII century. Even if the small urban nucleus undoubtedly existed from the first of the XIII century, having been originally a likely arab fortification, date back to this period the first names of the barons and Dukes who ressero the homonymous town feudal, comprising the surrounding territories, names all linked to the dynasty of the Roman Column, introduced in Sicily during the reign of Frederick II of Swabia. Among the members of this House, Archbishop Giovanni, archbishop of Messina (1255), Christopher, doctor of King Frederick II of Aragon and Stratigoto of Messina (1320 - 1328), Thomas his son (1420) and many others, for a total of 14 successions feudal manor, until the XVIII century. In 1768 is known for the establishment of a Monte Frumentario To Cesarò, which support for poor farmers of the village.

Cesarò counts among its buildings the Palazzo Zito, one time residence of the homonymous family and today house museum. Still contains frescoes, furnishings and original floors. It is the only building of considerable size located in the country.

The farming activities in the countries of the island is at the base of the gastronomic tradition. Also in Cesarò, as in many small centers montani, the cuisine makes use of only a few ingredients are easily available, cooked in a simple way but often enriched by aromas and spices flavor. The paste prepared at home ("the maccheroni") on feast days, is seasoned with tomato sauce and pork or lamb and dusted with salted ricotta cheese rind. The ricotta is just one of the many typical dairying cesaresi and together with provole, tuma, Canestrato pecorino and represents the maximum expression of the traditional activity of milk processing. Beef and veal, sheepmeat and pigmeat are roasted simply grilled and flavored with garlic, oregano, lemon. Famous vegetables such as wild asparagus that preserve the taste of the woods and meadows. Even the bread still today prepared at home with natural yeast and baked in a wood oven from skilled hands, has the flavor of tradition. More imaginative and processed are the cakes which ingredients are almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios. Among the typical sweets, we recall those of the Easter period.

Village of Cesarò
Municipality of Cesarò

Metropolitan City of Messina
Sicily Region

Population: 2.390
Altitude centre: 1150 m s.l.m.

the Municipality is part of:
Unione Nebrodi - Etna

Protected Natural Areas:
Nebrodi Park

Municipality of Cesarò
Corso Margherita 2 - Cesarò (ME)
Tel. +39 095 7739011


  • Along the highway the closest exits to the center of Cesarò are:
    - S.Agata di Militello exit (A20 Messina-Buonfornello)
    - Rocca di Capri Leone exit (A20 Messina-Buonfornello)


  • S.Agata Militello station
  • Capo D'orlando station


  • Catania airport
  • Reggio Calabria airport

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october, 2020
to sunday 11 october 2020

Feast of Nebrodi Black Pig and Porcino Mushroom

october, 2020
to sunday 18 october 2020

Feast of Nebrodi Black Pig and Porcino Mushroom

june, 2021
to friday 18 june 2021

Patronal feast of San Calogero

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