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The medieval village of Brisighella extends over the first hills that go from Faenza to Florence. In a dominant position, from the top of the three hills, there are the Rocca Manfrediana, the sanctuary of Monticino and the Clock Tower. One of the symbols of the village is the Via degli Asini, a fascinating elevated road that in ancient times rested on a large rock base whose purpose was defensive.
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Brisighella   | Silvano Cantoni
Silvano Cantoni
Brisighella   | Daniela Laghi
Daniela Laghi
Brisighella   | Silvano Cantoni
Silvano Cantoni
Brisighella   | ermess/shutterstock.com
Brisighella   | Silvano Cantoni
Silvano Cantoni
Brisighella   | Silvano Cantoni
Silvano Cantoni
Brisighella   | Silvano Cantoni
Silvano Cantoni
Brisighella   | Maurizio Monti
Maurizio Monti
Brisighella   | Vivida Photo PC
Vivida Photo PC
Brisighella   | Vivida Photo PC
Vivida Photo PC

About the village

Situated on the lower valley of river Lamone, on the slopes of Tuscany and Romagna Appennines, you can recognize Brisighella from afar. The medieval hamlet of Brisighella stretches on the first hills that from Faenza go up to Florence. It is dominated by Tre Colli (three hills), three rocks of selenite to be fair, on which the Manfredi Fortress, the Sanctuary of Monticino and the Clock Tower rest; the latter was built on the ruins of a defensive settlement of the XIII century, an era to which the origins of the village date back. The streets of the village will lead us gently upwards, arriving to Fontana Vecchia, the oldest public fountain of the village built in 1490. Then, led by the road, you have to turn right, and shortly after the Municipality above the long and narrow main square of the village, if you raise your eyes you will notice an ancient staircase, which seems to go inside the houses overlooking the square. You will also notice a series of arches, which connect the outside with what seems to be a long covered terrace or a porch. But it is not a terrace, or a porch: it is a road. One of the symbols of of Brisighella: it is Via degli Asini (or Via del Borgo). This charming elevated road, was once placed on a broad base of rock and had an important defensive purpose. Later, once the rock was dug this was used to create stables, warehouses and shops, and thus pack animals passed here, especially for the transport of material from the nearby gypsum mines. After Via degli Asini, the streets of the village continue to go up towards the Tre Colli that dominate it, becoming increasingly narrow and steep. They look like paths where you can strongly feel the scent of these gentle mountains. We climb to visit the Rocca and to enjoy the panoramic view that opens on the hills and badlands. Back in the square, we enter in one of the taverns. The rooms were dug in the rock, with the ancient and irregular walls maintained as they were. Enjoy some local specialities, including the extra virgin olive oil DOP 'Brisighello', the Mora Romagnola meat (an ancient native swine breed), the forgotten fruits (like the Volpina pear), fruits and foods that the woods of these hills offer. All washed down by a glass of good Sangiovese DOC wine.

Village of Brisighella
Municipality of Brisighella
Province of Ravenna
Emilia Romagna region

Population: 7.639 brisighellesi
Pop. foreign resident: 718

The municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Città del vino
Città dell'olio
Città Slow
Paesi bandiera arancione

Orange Flag - Italian Touring Club

Via Naldi 2 - phone +39 0546 81225

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  • Take the A14 highway and exit in the direction of Faenza or Imola and follow the signs for Brisighella


  • Faenza station


  • Forlì airport
  • Bologna airport
  • Rimini airport


  • Ports of Ravenna:
    - Marina Port of Ravenna
    - Porto Corsini
  • Port of Cesenatico FC
  • Port of Rimini

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