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Known for the tasty and very tasty Lard d'Arnad and for the production of the D.O.C Montjovet wine, the small medieval village stands on the banks of the Dora Baltea.
  • Village with castle
Arnad  | Pix4Pix/
Church of St. Martin  | Erick Margarita Images/
Church of St. Martin
Erick Margarita Images/
Arnad  | Laurom
Arnad  | Laurom
Fortress of Machaby  | Paolo Seimandi/shutterstock
Fortress of Machaby
Paolo Seimandi/shutterstock
Vallaise Castle  | Lytd11/shutterstock
Vallaise Castle
A look at Arnad
A look at Arnad

About the village

Arnad is known for the famous Lard d'Arnad DOP and the Arnad-Montjovet DOC. Situated on the banks of the Dora Baltea, Arnad has its roots in tradition: from rock climbing among the most famous of the Alps to the walks in the woods of chestnut or between churches and castles, testimonies of a great past. Nature, sport, history, genuine flavors, relaxation.

The door of the Aosta Valley is a small world to discover. The village is characterized by the presence of the typical houses of the forts of medieval origin. Certainly deserve a visit to the Church of St Martin of Tours in Arnad-le-Vieux, The Shrine of Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Machaby to the upper castle and the lower one and the monumental complex of Ostia.

To Machaby, at the beginning of the small village, is located the stone of fertility, also said chute of women or Guaita, stone linked to magical rituals celtic. Also present some rocky inscriptions.

In the territory of Arnad and on the bridge of Échallod passes the historic route of the Via Francigena, coming from Verrès direct and subsequently toward Bard and Donnas.

Village of Arnad
Municipality of Arnad

Aosta Valley Municipalities
Aosta Valley Region

Population: 1.269
Altitude centre: 361 m s.l.m.

the Municipality is part of:
Comuni della Via Francigena
Unione valdôtaines Evançon

Municipality of Arnad
Frazione Closé - Arnad (AO)
Tel. +39 0125 966121


  • From Turin: A5 motorway to Valle d'Aosta with exit at Pont-Saint-Martin, then take State Road 26, direction Aosta, and reach the destination.
  • From Milan: A4 motorway towards Turin; take the junction to Santhià towards Aosta with exit at Pont-Saint-Martin, then take the Strada Statale 26, towards Aosta, and reach the destination.
  • From Aosta: A5 motorway, exit at Verres, then take State Road 26, towards Turin, and reach the destination.


  • Pont-Saint-Martin railway station


  • Aosta airport
  • Turin airport

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Rue des Forges 1, Etroubles (Aosta)
42.78 Kilometers from Arnad


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San Martino

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Feast of Our Lady of the Snow

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In Arnad, the famous expression "fat that runs" can easily be replaced with ... "lard that runs"! Yes, because it belongs to the small Valdostan village the best lard in Europe. The salami, which takes the name of "lard of Arnad" as it is produced exclusively and strictly in the territory of the municipality of the same name, has received the recognition of the prestigious DOP mark. A certification o...
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