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A charming medieval village in Tuscany amid historic battles, art and authenticity

Monday 30 october 2023

Visit Anghiari, a village where history, art, traditions, nature and folklore come together perfectly, giving visitors a fascinating and unique experience

A charming medieval village in Tuscany amid historic battles, art and authenticity

Ph. David Nicholls/flickr

Anghiari is a charming medieval village, an architectural jewel located in the heart of the Tiber Valley in the province of Arezzo, in what is known as the Tuscan Valtiberina. Characterized by its cobblestone streets, ancient stone dwellings, and panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside, it offers a cultural and historical immersion of an ancient time, far from the hubbub of modern mass tourism.

History and culture of Anghiari

Anghiari assumed a strategic position in the early Middle Ages, safely managing the passage through the Tiber valley and playing a leading role in the elaborate altercation of Florentine and Tuscan history. Not coincidentally, Anghiari was the site of the battle of the same name on June 29, 1440, a historic turning point that saw Florentine troops prevail over Milanese troops, giving Florence lordship over the city.

In honor of that historic victory, Leonardo da Vinci painted the famous fresco of the Battle of Anghiari, unfortunately lost over time, a work that was supposed to represent pride in the glorious victory.

Affresco della Battaglia di Anghiari
Ph. Hugo Romero/flickr

Must-see attractions in Anghiari

The beauty of Anghiari lies both in its precious architectural heritage and in the enchanting charm of its streets, rich in history and charm. At the center of Anghiari lies the Borghetto, the oldest medieval area surrounded by monumental 16th-century walls.

Definitely worth a visit is the Campano Tower, an impressive medieval structure that rises above the village like a tranquil beacon. Places of historical and cultural interest include the rock church of the Badia, founded by Camaldolese monks around the year 1000, the Palazzo Taglieschi, which houses the State Museum with its admirable collection of works of art. Also of special interest is the Museum of the Battle and Anghiari, full of information about the famous battle and Leonardo da Vinci's connection with Anghiari.

Torre Campano, Anghiari
Torre Campano - Ph. Matteo Bimonte/flick

Village life

In addition to its artistic and cultural richness, Anghiari is famous for its various and numerous cultural and gastronomic events. From folkloric events such as the Palio della Vittoria, in commemoration of the Battle of Anghiari, to craft fairs such as the Mostra Mercato dell'Artigianato della Valtiberina Toscana, Anghiari offers a calendar full of events throughout the year that keep alive the passion for the arts, food, and history.

Mostra Mercato dell'Artigianato, Anghiari
Ph. Andrea Montini/flickr

Typical products of Anghiari

Anghiari's food and wine tradition is equally rich and diverse. Among the typical products, truffles and porcini mushrooms, generous fruits of the mountains and forests of the Valtiberina, are famous. And at the end of a rich Tuscan meal, the delicious Torta Mantovana, a typical cake made by the women of the village.

The village maintains a strong connection with handicrafts, particularly woodworking-a tradition that dates back to ancient times and continues to be an integral part of Anghiari life, embodied in its many craft workshops and the activities of the local art school.

Torta Mantovana di Anghiari

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