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Castell'Arquato: Between history and taste in the lands of Piacenza

Saturday 20 may 2023

Discover Castell'Arquato, a charming village rich in history and food and wine delights located in the lands of Piacenza. Immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy the authentic flavors of this wonderful destination.

Castell'Arquato: Between history and taste in the lands of Piacenza

A scenic hike through history and traditions

Castell'Arquato: A Medieval Jewel

Castell'Arquato, nestled in the verdant hills of the province of Piacenza, is a historic village that preserves many of its medieval structures intact. This charming town offers visitors a unique experience of immersion in the history, traditions and authentic flavors of the lands of Piacenza.

A walk through the alleys and squares

Passing through the alleys and squares of Castell'Arquato, one can admire imposing palaces and Romanesque churches. The main points of interest are:

  • Rocca Viscontea: iconic fortress of the country, is a perfect example of 14th century military architecture

Palazzo del Podestà a Castell'Arquato

The food and wine delights of Castell'Arquato

Castell'Arquato is famous for its rich food and wine tradition and the high quality of its typical products. Some of the delicacies that can be tasted in these lands are.:

Gutturnio, the wine of the land

Gutturnio is the typical wine of Castell'Arquato, a full-bodied red made from the skillful blend of Barbera and Croatina grapes. Tasting this wine, strictly produced in local wineries, is an experience that every visitor to the town should have.

Piacenza's cured meats

Piacenza's cured meats are now known throughout Italy for their quality and unique flavor. They are typical products of the ancient culinary tradition of the province of Piacenza and, even today, are made with artisan care and attention. Among the most famous are coppa, salami, pancetta, bresaola and strolghino, but the list is long

The frying of anolini and pisarei

Typical local dishes include fried anolini, small meat-filled pasta tortellini, served hot and crispy, and pisarei, gnocchi made of flour and stale bread, served with tomato sauce and beans.

Salumi Piacentini DOP

Discovering the surroundings of Castell'Arquato

Hiking and nature trails

The surroundings of Castell'Arquato offer numerous opportunities for hiking and nature walks.

  • The surrounding hills are ideal for outdoor sports, such as hiking, mountain biking and Nordic walking. Among the most fascinating trails is the Trebbia Trail, a route that runs along the banks of the river and offers breathtaking views.
  • The Piacentian Geological Nature Reserve. is a protected natural area of great scientific and scenic interest.

Vista panoramica di Castell'Arquato
Panoramic view of Castell Arquato from the John Paul Gardens

Events and demonstrations

Throughout the year, Castell'Arquato offers various events and manifestations that enhance the area and its traditions. Some of the main events include:

  • Relive the Middle Ages: a festival that takes place every year in September, during which the village comes alive with historical re-enactments, performances and markets; A festival for all fans of the time that was, but also for those who simply want to have a fun end-of-summer experience in an unforgettable setting.
  • Festival of Vin Novello: dedicated to the presentation of Gutturnio novello, the event held in early November includes tastings, entertainment and music.

Eventi a Castell'Arquato

In conclusion, a visit to Castell Arquato provides an unforgettable experience for both history and culture enthusiasts and lovers of food and wine traditions and scenic beauty. The wonders of Piacenza are waiting for you!

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Piazza del Municipio, 2, Castell'Arquato
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