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Easy to reach, the village of Almese stands on the slopes of the Prealps and Mount Musinè, a real strategic position which is crossed by the famous itinerary that leads to the Colle del Lys, much loved and frequented by Italian and foreign cyclists and motorcyclists. Today it is a flourishing municipality, rich in mainly medieval history, testified by the splendid Church of Santa Maria and the Ricetto Tower of San Mauro dating back to the eleventh century.
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Almese  | Valle Susa Tesori
Valle Susa Tesori
Almese  | Edoardo Schiari
Edoardo Schiari
Almese  | Franco Borrelli
Franco Borrelli
Almese  | Franco Borrelli
Franco Borrelli
Almese  | Sergio Gioberto
Sergio Gioberto
Almese  | Franco Borrelli
Franco Borrelli
Almese  | Valle Susa Tesori
Valle Susa Tesori
Almese  | Valle Susa Tesori
Valle Susa Tesori
Almese  | Valle Susa Tesori
Valle Susa Tesori
A look at Almese
A look at Almese

About the village

the territory of Almese in part flat, develops with its suburbs in the mountain area toward the hill of the Lys and Rubiana. The ancient settlement and important is documented since the roman era thanks to the presence of a villa of the Augustan age in the locality of Grange of Milanere. The complex is situated on a hillside, in high with respect to the facing the plain enough to situarla in a position favorable climatically and of remarkable panoramic interest, ranging from the moraine of Rivoli, Pirchiriano, the mountain of the Alta Valle di Susa, Rocciamelone and the more gentle slopes of Colle del Lys.

The villa, the largest private building of roman age of Northern Italy, was a vast complex of approximately 5,000 square meters and developed on multiple levels, while the villa had two floors built around a large central courtyard porch, surrounded by rooms on three sides. The articulation of these environments is only in part that can be reconstructed from the traces of the foundation walls and by the architectural material precipitates downstream in the collapse that has destroyed the villa, probably in the IV century A.D.

The ancient church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, sort on a hill deviate from Borgo, was replaced by the parish church designed by G. Boschis and built between 1963 and 1966 more spacious and modern. Of the Medieval era is testified by the fortified nucleus of the Ricetto of San Mauro, dating back to the XIV century, in the direction of the hamlet of Rivera. On the north side are still visible part of the ditch, the passage in the masonry to access the borgo, which today replaces the old drawbridge, the embattled walls guelph, the door of access. The tower, whose walls in stone and bricks bear the signs of various rearrangements, is high 26 meters and consists of seven shelves connected by a staircase up to the daring top overview.

Culturally very active, Almese hosts every year in May the literary prize "Giorgio Calcagno", dedicated to the journalist and writer almesine origin who died in 2004. Among the initiatives related to the food and wine of the territory, instead, the Sagra delle Siole full (onions stuffed) in the hamlet of Rivera that takes place in the month of October with the market of typical products of the territory, gastronomic competitions, tastings.

Many finally the naturalistic itineraries that from Almese lead on the slopes of Monte Musinè, to the sanctuary of the Madonna of the low or the beautiful stretch of water of the Goja of Pis. The Salto del Pis, about 14 meters of height in a basin of about 30 meters in diameter, owes its forms to hundreds of thousands of years of erosion operated by the waters on the rocks particularly harsh that, precisely for this reason, have limited the action of the same waters.

Village of Almese
Municipality of Almese

Metropolitan City of Turin
Piedmont Region

Population: 6.423 (5.414 in the village)
Altitude centre: 364 m s.l.m.

the Municipality is part of:
Unione Montana Valle Susa

Piazza Martiri della Libertà 48 - Tel. +39 011 9350201


  • From Turin: take the north ring road to the A32 motorway link for Turin - Bardonecchia with the exit for Avigliana Ovest.
  • From Cuneo: take the Strada Statale 589 dei Laghi di Avigliana passing through: Cavour - Pinerolo - Piossasco - Bruino - Trana - Avigliana and, taking the Provincial Road 197 in the direction of Colle del Lys, you will arrive at your destination.


  • Turin Porta Nuova station


  • Turin Caselle International Airport

Sleep, eat, buy...

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Via Principe Tommaso, 30 - 10011, Agli (Torino)
39.99 Kilometers from Almese
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Corso Torino, 73 - 10051, Avigliana (Torino)
3.76 Kilometers from Almese
Azienda Agricola Ivano Challier
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25.08 Kilometers from Almese
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54.87 Kilometers from Almese


september, 2021

Nativity of Virgin Mary

october, 2021
to sunday 3 october 2021

Art, crafts, music and ... Siole Pien-e

october, 2021

Agricultural-livestock, crafts and local products fair

december, 2021

Christmas markets

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The villages open their doors to visitors in the Covid-19 era. This means that, in compliance with health regulations, the villages once again present themselves as a place of meeting, exchange and enrichment for everyone. The next events on the calendar are the most varied, in fact there are food and wine festivals, historical re-enactments, but also exhibitions and markets, to testify a liveliness and cultural plurality that has always been the driving force of our country.
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