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A charming village where tradition and modernity merge and infuse curiosity and charm. The first indelible image of Bosa will be the historic district of sa Costa, made of colorful houses that climb the slopes of the Serravalle hill, dominated by the castle of the Malaspina, dating back to the XII century. To be reached on foot: from above, it is possible to admire the panorama of the whole town.
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  • Most beautiful villages in Italy
  • Oil city
Bosa   | Jürgen Scheeff
Jürgen Scheeff
Bosa   | costanzoweb
Bosa   | Francesco Maltinti/shutterstock
Francesco Maltinti/shutterstock
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Melanie Myhill/shutterstock
Bosa   | Michael Kreibig
Michael Kreibig
Bosa   | Anna Maria Spanedda
Anna Maria Spanedda
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Bosa   | Comune di Bosa
Comune di Bosa
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Ekaterina Pokrovsky/shutterstock
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Bosa   |
Bosa   | Elena Krivorotova/
Elena Krivorotova/
Bosa   | Ekaterina Pokrovsky/
Ekaterina Pokrovsky/
Bosa   | Ekaterina Pokrovsky/
Ekaterina Pokrovsky/
Bosa   | Karsten Madsen
Karsten Madsen
A look at Bosa
A look at Bosa
Spring in the historical centre of Bosa (Sardinia)  | Claudia Tobias - e-borghi Community
Spring in the historical centre of Bosa (Sardinia)
Claudia Tobias - e-borghi Community
The colorful historical centre of Bosa (Sardinia), one of the most beautiful villages in Italy  | Claudia Tobias - e-borghi Community
The colorful historical centre of Bosa (Sardini...
Claudia Tobias - e-borghi Community

About the village

Bosa has ancient origins, even prehistoric, as demonstrated by the domus de janas, the funerary caves dug into the rock. The Aragonese, who conquered Bosa in 1317, believed that its foundation had even legendary origins (such as arab colony). Situated in an alluvial plain in the historic region of Planargia, Bosa develops along the estuary of the river Temo and due to this favorable position the richness and the popularity that reached already in the Phoenician-Punic and subsequently in the Roman one. From here, the different interpretations etymological of its name: on the one hand bosa would indicate a container in the form of a bowl (comparable to the morphology of the territory on which rises); on the other 'Osa, in Sardinian ancient, which would mean 'estuary'.

The historical nucleus, as well as you can visit today, dates back to a period that goes from X to XII century a.c., within which was finished the construction of the romanic church of San Pietro and the Castle of Serravalle, built by the Earls of Malaspina, that from the top of the homonymous hill dominates the town. Inside the castle walls, overlooking the place of arms, is located the church of Our Lady sos Regnos Altos, a palatine chapel that is striking for its essential lines. The medieval structure of Bosa still maintains intact the picturesque charm of the epoch, with singular paths that follow the altimetric curves of the hill, with the stairs that interrupt asymmetrically horizontal path and with its urban structures, archaic and surprising. More suggestions arise from the tanneries (Sas Conzas) that are located along the left bank of the Temo, near the Old Bridge that connects the two banks of the river. This huge industrial complex occupies 4000 square meters and extends through modular structures adjacent to each other. The restoration and enhancement of Sas Conzas has allowed to reach us this rare testimony of industrial archeology, proof of how in the nineteenth century Bosa became the largest tanning center of Sardinia.

Village of Bosa
Municipality of Bosa
Province of Oristano
Sardinia Region

Population: 7.936 
Altitude centre: 2 m s.l.m.

the Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Unione Planargia e del Montiferru Occidentale

Corso Garibaldi - Tel. +39 0785 368000

= distances as the crow flies


  • Cagliari airport
  • Olbia-Costa Smeralda airport
  • Alghero-Fertilia airport

Sleep, eat, buy...


april, 2024
to sunday 28 april 2024

Bosa Beer Fest

august, 2024

The Feast of Santa Maria Stella Maris The procession by boat of Our Lady

Our news about Bosa

Photo by Sardinia is a very ancient region whose origins are lost in the mists of time, as evidenced by the presence of menhirs, dolmens and especially nuraghi from prehistoric times. In addition to its stunningly beautiful beaches, Sardinia also has a very important cultural heritage, which often leads to stories and legends that are still passed down today and make already spectacular places even more impressive. The tragic end o...
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