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Recipe: The Calzone of San Giuseppe in Riccia

Friday 23 march 2018

In the village of Molise, in honor of San Giuseppe, numerous dishes are prepared for the occasion and the main symbol is the Calzone.

Recipe: The Calzone of San Giuseppe in Riccia

Riccia's calzone, called "cavezone" which means just calzone, is the typical cake of the Festa di San Giuseppe. The dough is very delicate and the filling is particularly velvety. Its particularity lies in the filling, consisting of: chickpeas, honey and/or sugar and essence of cinnamon or vanilla or cedar.


(For 100 pieces)
For the pastry:
• 2 kg of soft wheat flour
• 1 egg
• Pig fat to taste
• Water to taste
• Pinch of salt

For the filling:
• 1 kg of chickpeas
• Honey and / or Sugar to taste
• Essence of cinnamon or vanilla or cider to taste


For the pastry: let's start by pouring the flour on a pastry board and work it with water, egg and salt until you get a mixture of medium hardness. Then we begin to roll out the dough, with the help of a rolling pin or with the dough sheeter, creating two very veiled sheets and we're going to grease the pig fat manually.
Divide the dough into thin strips and overlap them by matching the greased one facing the surface. Roll them on themselves, continuing to grease them, to form discs and then let them rest by wrapping them in a dish towel. Once rested, we take the discs and begin to roll them out again, forming sheets a little less than 1 centimeter.

For the filling: Let the chickpeas soak about 1 and a half days before; wash them well and cook them with a pinch of salt. Once cooked, remove them from the heat, let's drain them a little at a time and start peeling them. Once the peel has been removed, we start to crush the chickpeas, obtaining a soft and compact mixture and add the honey and / or the sugar and the essence of cinnamon or vanilla or cedar to the mixture.

Cut out the sheets, with a suitable tool, forming circles, with a diameter of about 10 cm. Lay the filling on each half of the circles and close them into half-moons.
To cook it is necessary to fry them, then heat the oil and then put on the trousers, letting them cook until golden brown. Once cooked, let them dry on an absorbent paper and afterwards let's try this delight.
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