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Tropea and its IGP red onion

Saturday 29 july 2017

A wonderful sea, the rock of Santa Maria dell’Isola and the delicious red onion.

Tropea and its IGP red onion

Tropea is the pearl of the Tyrrhenian coast of the Calabria region. The wonderful sea, together with one of the most beautiful historic centres of the region, make Tropea one of the most appreciated destinations of the Mediterranean Sea.

The symbol of the village is the high rock, from whose peak the church of Santa Maria dell’Isola dominates the surroundings. We heartily recommend you to reach it, in order to enjoy the splendid landscape along one of the most beautiful segment of the Calabrese Coast, with a view on the several shades of the blue sea, above which stands the historic centre, which lies on a sandstone rock.

After the spur of Santa Maria dell’Isola, we go up towards the historic centre, from which you can visit the boulevard Vittorio Emanuele II, the fascinating balcony on the cliff of Santa Maria dell’Isola and the beautiful Romanesque Cathedral of the XII Century.

Tropea is art, sea, nature, but also small shops, bars, and many flavours.
The rich tastes of its sea and its earth are present in many dishes served in all the local restaurants.
The main ingredient of the local recipes is the Calabria IGP red onion, an extraordinary product of the Calabrese Tyrrhenian side, mainly cultivated in the area of Capo Vaticano and Briatico. The culinary shops, together with the fruit and vegetables shops in the historic centre in which is nice to get lost among flavours and specialties, are often decorated with onions and rich in already prepared sauces or marmalades with onion.

Aphrodisiac, antiseptic, diuretic, and anesthetic, the red onion of Tropea also facilitates the bilious secrection, regulates the blood cholesterol tax, and brings benefits to the heart and arteries.
The onion is composed of many white concentric layers with a red casing, it has a sweet taste and it is used for an unlimited number of dishes.

Do not miss a dinner in the historic heart of the village in one of the several restaurants, in order to taste some of the local specialties, maybe combining the sea cooking and the earth one, tasting a piece of tattler with porcini mushrooms, accompanied by a stewed red onion or tuna fillet with red onion as side dish.



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