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Rome and its villages: how to move comfortably

Thursday 05 may 2022

To visit Rome and its villages is necessary to choose the means that allows you to move around the city in total comfort and safety, so many tourists opt for the NCC service: a car rental with driver.

Rome and its villages: how to move comfortably

Italy hosts every year many tourists from all over the world, who choose the beauties of our country for their vacations. Among the cities with the greatest influx of tourists there is certainly Rome, a great metropolis rich in art, culture, history and traditions. At any time of the year Rome is full of visitors, for this reason, it is a city always busy and chaotic.

For a tourist arriving in Rome is essential to find the right way to move with minimal effort, in total relaxation and in a short time, both to reach the places of the historic center and the villages and surrounding areas. In particular, in addition to the beauty of Rome city, many tourists are attracted and intrigued by the charm of the ancient village of Castel di Guido. Let's see what are the most beautiful and interesting things to visit and what is the best way to move comfortably.

Visit Rome: get around the city center comfortably

Rome is certainly one of the favorite destinations for tourists in Italy, it is a city that is a symbol of art and history all over the world. Obviously, like all Italian metropolises, Rome is very chaotic and crowded, especially during high season and, precisely for this reason, it is preferable for a tourist to carefully choose the appropriate means of transport. Today, many tourists opt for the NCC service, that is a car rental with driver, which allows them to move around the city in total comfort and safety.

Booking this private cab service is really easy, you can connect to the app, choose the car model you prefer and organize all the various movements. Thanks to this fast, comfortable and efficient service, travelers can easily reach all the most important and famous places in the city.

In most cases, it is preferable to opt for a private transport service, since public transport in the city is not always efficient and reliable. Often, in fact, you have to deal with strikes and temporary blocks of some races. Among the places in Rome not to be missed, there are the Vatican Museums, rich in history and charm, the Colosseum, an emblematic monument of the city and the famous squares: Piazza di Spagna, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona, and many others.

Obviously, it is also characteristic to walk along the famous Via dei Condotti, where there are the most important and refined stores and fashion boutiques. Not to be missed is also a walk in Trastevere, the neighborhood par excellence very popular during the summer evenings, where there are the most exclusive bars, clubs and restaurants in the city. Most tourists who come to Rome are also intrigued by the places that have become emblematic thanks to ancient and famous Italian films, such as, for example, the Trevi Fountain, which became a very important symbol thanks to the film "La dolce vita" by Fellini.

In addition to the fascinating and interesting places that are located in the city center, tourists often decide to visit the surrounding areas, which are just as suggestive and particular. Often, in fact, they decide to move to the discovery of some of the most beautiful and fascinating villages of Lazio, such as, for example, Castel di Guido.

ncc a Roma

Visit Castel di Guido: what to see and how to reach it comfortably?

The need to be in contact with nature, immersed in peace and silence, has certainly increased following the global pandemic. After the end of the very long lockdown period, people started to feel strongly the need to travel and to stay as much as possible in contact with nature, in the open air. Precisely for this reason, in recent years there has been an increase in tourism in the most beautiful and fascinating villages of our country, because most travelers are intrigued by their very suggestive features and because they represent an artistic and cultural heritage of inestimable value.
In particular, for those who are visiting Rome, it is recommended to set out to discover the beautiful village of Castel di Guido, immersed in the quiet of the Lazio countryside. The village has very ancient origins, here you can visit the historic Church of the Holy Spirit, which stands on a Roman mausoleum dating back to the second century.

Inside the village there is also a very important agricultural estate, one of the largest in Italy, equipped with organic crops and non-intensive breeding of cattle of the Maremma breed. Continuing the path downhill from the village, you can see the excavations of an ancient Roman villa, called Villa delle Colonnacce, a luxurious residence belonging to some members of the Roman aristocracy.

Inside the villa there are mosaics and wall paintings very special and suggestive, moreover, is clearly visible the architectural style typical of the houses of the Roman era. The entire area, today is fenced off and is not open to the public, but access is allowed only to the Roman archaeological group. Another place not to be missed is the Naturalistic Oasis of Castel di Guido, managed by Lipu, a hilly area where you can choose two nature trails.

Here you can walk to discover many different species of plants, breathing clean air and enjoying the beauty of nature. There is also an equipped picnic area and a small lake, where you can stop after strenuous walks in the company, to relax, spending time outdoors.
To reach this wonderful village in Latium, you can always book a NCC service, convenient and fast.

The transport service with car rental with driver, in fact, is not only the ideal choice to move around the city, but also to reach the surrounding areas. All cars made available to customers are modern, functional and comfortable, always ensuring relaxing and safe travels to passengers. All the drivers of the NCC service are very experienced professionals, who guarantee reliability and safety to customers.

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