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A weekend between the villages of Castelsardo and Aggius

Tuesday 10 july 2018

The ancient village of Castelsardo, the sea, the lobster all'aragonese, the Valley of the Moon, the Museum of Banditismo di Aggius and the Gallura soup.

A weekend between the villages of Castelsardo and Aggius

It is from the city of the fountain of the Rosello, an architectural jewel of Sassari, which begins this weekend in the far north of Sardinia. And 'the state road dell'Anglona that takes us from the capital to the first leg of the weekend, Castelsardo.

Suggestive center of the coast, on the Gulf of Asinara, preserves, in its most ancient part, the typical medieval structure.

The fortress of the Castello dei Doria dominates the inhabited area, the Genoese family that founded the village calling it Castelgenovese, home to the Museum of Mediterranean intertwining.


On its slopes stands the medieval church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which houses the fourteenth-century wooden Crucifix of the Black Christ.

Overlooking the sea is the 14th century Cathedral of Sant’Antonio Abate. Equipped center, with port, beaches and coves, is a sought after tourist destination.

Unmissable destination of the village is the Museo dell'Intreccio Mediterraneo, located in the castle, dedicated to the regional tradition of using the vegetable resources of the territory such as the rush, the asphodel and the dwarf palm to make everyday objects according to ancient weaving techniques manual. The museum offers a rich collection of artifacts, including baskets, sieves, utensils and much more, appreciable local cultural expressions.

Among the delicacies of the place we can not renounce the castellanese fish soup, prepared with big fish cut into pieces and small fishes melted in the broth, all then cooked in a sauté of onion, garlic, fresh tomatoes and chilli. We also taste the lobster all'aragonese, seasoned with the sauce prepared with parsley, hard-boiled eggs, oil, capers, garlic and lemon.

Second part of the weekend inland. We leave Castelsardo to head for the village of Aggius.


We follow the provincial road 90 that leads to Santa Teresa di Gallura, then leaving it to continue for Aggius, passing through the Valley of the Moon, also called Piana dei Grandi Sassi, a particular plateau characterized by spectacular granite outcrops.

Framed by the crown of mountains called the "Resegone" of Aggius, the village looks like a crib, where the protagonist is the exposed granite that characterizes the walls of the buildings and the external frames. We visit squares, alleys and open spaces decorated with drawings that recall scenes of village life. We get lost between via Vecchia, via dell'Ordito, Piazza delle Danze, via Speslunga and via Marconi. We discover the sixteenth-century parish church dedicated to Santa Vittoria, the eighteenth-century church of Nostra Signora d'Itria and the churches of Santa Croce and Nostra Signora del Rosario, the latter two locations of their respective confraternities.


Do not miss the "Oliva Carta Cannas" Ethnographic Museum, dedicated to the exhibition of typical domestic objects and furnishings, to everyday life and weaving, and the Museum of Banditry, which contains artifacts and documents related to the outlaws prosecuted during the Piedmontese domination for their illicit activities.

A delightful village and a pristine natural setting can only offer appreciable local cuisine. We grant ourselves the Gallura soup, made with stale bread, fresh cheese and grated pecorino. Composed to which meat broth is added and which can also be served with veal sauce.

Tra i vicoli di Aggius

È invece un assaggio di liquore di mirto ghiacciato ad accompagnare l’ultima parte di weekend in terra sarda. Ottenuto dalla macerazione alcolica delle bacche di mirto è un ottimo digestivo. 

Foto principale, Castelsardo, da

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