Valley of the Moon - What to see in Aggius - Castles, churches, monuments and museums - in the valley of the moon, outside Aggius, you can visit one of the nuraghic structures the most impressive and best preserved in the whole of Sardinia: the Nuraghe Izzana.


Valley of the Moon
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Valley of the Moon

The granite in its strange and eccentric forms, is visible especially in the plain of large boulders, also called the Valley of the moon, in the locality of Li Parisi. A fascinating place from deep silence. These granite stones, dating back to the glaciation of the Quaternary period, were rounded and processed by the erosion, ending to have an unusual appearance, bizarre, that recalls a landscape lunar precisely, or particular shapes similar to figures of animals and to profiles of human faces, the environment in which we find the tracks more significant of the first human settlements. Shelters under rocks, caves, tafoni or basins, megalithic circles belonging presumably, to the "Culture of Arzachena" in the areas of "Pitrischeddu", "Paramuru", "Ciacca", "Salvagnolu" and "Pianu", the villages prenuraghic "Boda" and "Li Parisi"; used in neolithic times from the early dwellers like shelter, burial or as places of worship and, gradually, until recent times, by the shepherds. In the valley you can visit one of the nuraghic structures more impressive and best state of conservation in the whole of Sardinia: the Nuraghe Izzana. Majestic and imposing, site in the locality of Finosa, in a good state of preservation, is famous for its tholos and its triangular base.

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