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The autumn flavors of the Lucanian Dolomites

Tuesday 03 october 2023

A fascinating territory destination not only for the villages that arise there but also for the products and flavors that offer

The autumn flavors of the Lucanian Dolomites

The beautiful Lucanian Dolomites rise between Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa and are not only a very fascinating destination thanks to all the villages that are located near the peaks but also for the flavors of these lands that also flow into the famous festival "Flavors of Autumn".

Regional typicality of the Lucanian cuisine
The local cuisine is certainly one of the pride of Italy in the world, Basilicata in fact has an important and ancient food and wine tradition that is anchored to the taste of ancient recipes, with a very wide range from sweet to salty. Among the products of the land: mushrooms, chestnuts, pasta are the true flavors of Autumn. In this period particularly widespread the collection of mushrooms and truffles that have many different varieties and are accompanied with pleasure by excellent local red wine.
In the villages there are many small restaurants where you can stop to discover during the autumn period the delicacies but you can also buy the products to reproduce at home the traditional recipes.

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The Autumn Tastes Festival dedicated to the typical autumn flavors
One of the not-to-be-missed appointments for those who visit Basilicata is certainly the Autumn Flavours Festival held every year in Pietrapertosa, the highest village in the region. It is an event that lasts four days and is organized by the municipality with the involvement of local companies.
All the Lucanian Dolomites become a real open-air market with many stands of typical products.
Visitors can buy and above all taste all the best of the area such as roasted chestnuts, cheeses with pistachios, pasta with mushrooms and sausages but also honey, sweets such as calzoncelli and then cold cuts, meats and many wines. A real event that goes beyond the gastronomic event and becomes a true cultural event.
Participating in such an event allows you to be truly involved in the life of the village, with all its traditions and folklore that makes your stay even more magical.

Sapori d'Autunno a Pietrapertosa

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The two villages heart of Basilicata
The Lucanian Dolomites are the heart of Basilicata, not only because the villages of Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa are among the most beautiful in Italy, but also because these two municipalities, in the province of Potenza, are also part of a huge park that boasts almost 27 thousand hectares of woodland as well as several rocks. This distinguishes, in addition to the beauty given by the paths, also a gastronomic heritage. Between the two there is a direct connection with the possibility to travel suspended 400 meters high between the mountains. This is the Flight of the Angel, one of the main attractions of the Region for those who love adventure.
For lovers of the table instead, in addition to walks among flora and fauna, you can stop in one of the many restaurants in the villages. Here is exploited almost exclusively the local cuisine, especially in periods of greatest influx such as autumn.
Castelmezzano, typically medieval in style, has a beautiful valley from which you can admire the view and especially many trattorias where you can taste some typical autumn dishes such as pasta lucana with meat sauce and ricotta cheese with cherries, lonzino marinated with Aglianico, the mysticanza ricotta cheese and walnuts and then again the pork fillet with truffles.
Pietrapertosa, which is in a perfectly specular position, is composed of a series of narrow and winding streets. This has not prevented the village to structure itself in a very organized way. In addition to the Arabic quarter, certainly characteristic with its typicality, it is possible to taste all the best of Lucanian cuisine in the many inns inside the buildings. Here the dishes are created with the ingredients of the territory and have in addition a splendid view. Here, too, local products such as mushrooms and truffles, which during the autumn days represent the absolute workhorse of the restaurateurs, are the main protagonists.

Filetto al tartufo

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