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Comacchio: the village, the eels and the lagoon

Wednesday 23 january 2019

Comacchio: magic of the waters in the Po Delta, to be traveled by boat to savor the slow pace and then dedicate itself to the star of the village: the eel. With a dedicated museum and 48 recipes that see it as a protagonist

Comacchio: the village, the eels and the lagoon

Bridges and canals that lie amidst extensive lagoons. It's Comacchio, the capital of the Park of the Po Delta - Unesco heritage -, illuminated by the light of the sea that fills the urban spaces of the village reflecting in the canals. A village, Comacchio, to be explored slowly and to be known in all its aspects, also and above all gastronomic, distinguished by strong flavors and well-known eels. It is in the Comacchio valleys, in fact, that the eel finds its natural habitat that allows it to live and reproduce, and even today, "exploiting" the tides, ancient fishing techniques are used, such as the construction, an intricate system of capture consisting of communicating rooms. From eel, in Comacchio, 48 typical dishes are born, first of all the marinated eel - Slow Food presidium - followed, to give some examples, from the brodetto and risotto passing through the barbecues. The eel is dedicated to an annual festival, scheduled for the end of September, which allows you to appreciate all the old recipes and imaginative contemporary reinterpretations of street food, walking between bridges and canals. Not only. In Comacchio, always in homage to the eel, you can go to the Manifattura dei Marinati, set in the historic center and with a double "soul": a factory that is active for a few months a year and, at the same time, a museum that offers a path on the history and processing of eel. The eels, fished on site, for centuries are processed and stored according to a marinating process that has remained unchanged over time. The Manifattura dei Marinati is a museum not to be missed if you want to understand the deep bond of Comacchio with the products of its waters: a bond that sinks its origins in the past, when the passing of the days was marked by the preparation of the famous and tasty brine . Last but not least, in Comacchio a slow itinerary on board of boats is unmissable, to set off for the casoni scattered in the Po Delta lagoon.
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