Among the picturesque old town, the views over the expanses of olive groves and vineyards, the white wine Locorotondo DOC, extra virgin olive oil, orecchiette, tripe rolls and castrato roasted in the oven.


Puglia: the village of Locorotondo, wonder of the Murgia dei Trulli, land of wine and oil.
Thu, 03 Jan 2019

Puglia: the village of Locorotondo, wonder of the Murgia dei Trulli, land of wine and oil.

Locorotondo is a marvel in the heart of the Murgia dei Trulli. It enchants the unique circular shape of its ancient heart, formed by a series of concentric rings that take on the shape of a cake.

Located on a hill, Locorotondo offers views over the territory that is proposed as a mosaic of vineyards and Mediterranean woodland, dry stone walls and olive groves, farms and trulli.

Fascinating its ancient core, several times chosen as a film set, where the lime white dominates every glimpse, dazzling background of the Baroque treasures and exhilarating and luminous frame of the many flowered balconies of houses with typical pointed roofs.

Chiesa Madre di San Giorgio

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is the living room of the center, from where begins one of the discovery routes of this treasure of the land of Puglia, between the nineteenth-century pilasters of the ancient Porta Napoli, the eighteenth-century municipal library, the baroque Palazzo Morelli, the beautiful portal from the beautiful wrought-iron balconies, and the Mother Church dedicated to St. George, patron of the village, built between 1790 and 1825, with a neoclassical façade and a 47-meter bell tower, a church that holds forty-two stone bas-relief panels from the late sixteenth century, with stories from the New and the Old Testament, baroque altars with polychrome marble inlays and precious canvases.

Tra le vie di Locorotondo

From Locorotondo passes the wine road of the Itria valley. The Locorotondo DOC is one of the most important and appreciated wines of Puglia, produced by the local vineyards, those of the nearby Cisternino and partly of the vineyards of the municipality of Fasano. With a bright greenish color and a slightly fruity bouquet, it is excellent as an aperitif and goes well with appetizers, vegetables and fish dishes.

However, Locorotondo is also its excellent extra virgin olive oil. In fact there are numerous mills scattered on its territory where to stop for a tasting and for some purchases.


Do not leave this corner of Puglia without having tried its excellent cuisine. Many local specialties including the classic orecchiette to taste with a tasty sauce of mixed meats, the "gnummerèdde suffuchete", the tripe rolls prepared with onion, crushed tomatoes, strips of pecorino cheese, celery, chilli and water, and the castrato cockerel baked.

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