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That elegant Lecce village in the name of poetry

Friday 09 march 2018

Lucugnano, the verses of Girolamo Comi still live here

That elegant Lecce village in the name of poetry

In Lucugnano, a village in that of Tricase, Salento deep, a miracle happens that has time suspended. Here is one of the most exciting encounters with the culture of a South that has been poetry. In Lucugnano he lived in the family residence, Girolamo Comi (1890-1968), "the baron" as his friends called him, an interesting name for the Italian poetry of the 20th century.

Casa Comi, Lucugnano

A Leccese descendant of a family of Greek origin. Poetry of various facets, his, a variety that is his hallmark. Reading Comi, we move between symbolism (knew French culture), esotericism (for him and Arturo Onofri we talked about "orfism"), aristocratic and at the same time social Catholic culture. In Lucugnano everything tells about him. He tells of his books, still well arranged. Of his passions, of his loneliness, of his loves. Large and airy rooms, at Comi's home.

Poesie di Girolamo Comi

Elegant environments that refer to a past that seems to be no longer there. In fact, the time of Comi has gone away. But we can breathe this magnificent poet here in his house. Here where Comi took refuge in the readings, not rejecting the community dimension that has so marked him. That's why the townspeople loved him, that's why many helped him when life became difficult. And that's why you have to come to Lucugnano: to know him. To love it will be natural.

Comi's home

The "Girolamo Comi" Library is located here (, on the site about visits). "Here, even the shadows are friends", said the great Alfonso Gatto, visiting the Comi house. It is a jewel that can not remain alone. In fact, there were no problems with the institutions. But now space to remember this great poet. April 3 will be fifty years after his death. Lucugnano and Tricase will remember it properly, you will see. It will be one more reason to go there.

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