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One of the smallest towns in the Val di Fiemme, Capriana is a privileged destination for lovers of nature and tranquility, the village is close to the vineyards of the Val di Cembra, the oldest in Trentino, and is immersed in the Monte Corno Natural Park.
  • Village in the mountain
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Capriana  | Alberto Campanile
Alberto Campanile
Capriana  | Alberto Campanile
Alberto Campanile
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A look at Capriana
A look at Capriana

About the village

The history of Capriana (Caoriana in valer dialect) starts toward the VI century, when the whole of the Val di Fiemme was subdued by the Longobards (arrived from the east), and by Bajuvari (come from north-west). Hereinafter, Caverlana, i.e. Capriana, as Castello di Fiemme, passed into the possession of the counts of Eppan, that between the X and the XII century, called in these territories the roncadores, people of Germanic origin, which occupied the plowing and the culturing of the ground, so as to make it the cultivable land and profitable. Were also distributed among families of roncadores, pastures and woods, so that every family could ensure his sustenance, but not only, that would pay to the Lords a reasonable rent.

The first settlement was that of Rover-Carbonare, so named for the development in that area of the charcoal burners, for the production of coal, done precisely with the wood of oak. But already before the year 1216 (year of the consecration of the first church) there was the establishment of Cauriana, the area was inhabited by a free community of people with a certain economic prosperity and cultural development and considerable social. (View of the construction of a church). A document of 1231 indicates the existence to Cauriana 28 masi, who were called Hube.

In 1796, the peace and tranquillity were shocked and horrified by Napoleon Bonaparte, who tried the first conquest of the valley, but was rejected. In 1797 he managed to break through the last line of defense of the valley and conquered the Val di Fiemme. The principality was secularized and aggregate to Dorf Tirol and governed by Austria and then from Bavaria, was abolished the direct government of the people and introduced the existing laws in France. After cleavage of the reign of Napoleon, Austria filming the domain di Fiemme.

Located at the south-western side of the valley, perched on a hill from which you can enjoy a suggestive panorama, also includes the two hamlets of Bait and Carbonare. A privileged destination for lovers of nature and tranquillity, the village is close to the vineyards of the Val di Cembra, the oldest in Trentino, and is immersed in the Natural Park of Monte Corno. Capriana is just 15 kilometers from Cavalese, chief town of the Val di Fiemme, and then from the plants of Alpe Cermis.

To Capriana was born, lived and died, Maria Domenica Lazzeri "l'Addolorata", for which there is an ongoing process of beatification. Its ancient mill, still functioning today is transformed into a small museum. To visit in the country also the parish church dedicated to SS. Bartholomew and Lazarus in 1216 and the lovely church of the fraction of Carbonare.

Village of Capriana
Municipality of Capriana

Province of Trento
Trentino Alto Adige Region

Population: 586
Altitude centre: 1007 m s.l.m.

the Municipality is part of:
Strada del Vino e dei Sapori Colline Avesiane, Faedo, Valle di Cembra
Comunità Montana Val di Fiemme

Piazza Roma 2 - Tel. 0462 816013


  • Traveling on the highway, the closest exits to the center of Capriana are:
    - Egna exit - Ora - Termeno (A22 Brennero-Modena)
    - Exit S. Michele - Mezzocorona (A22 Brennero-Modena)


  • Egna-Termeno station

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