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Albori is a very small fraction of Vietri sul Mare. This small town is part of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It is only 2 km from the nearest town and rises almost 300 meters above sea level. This small fishing village is located within a dense forest, and projects onto the Amalfi coast and more particularly on the Gulf of Salerno. Its particular position means that this splendid village is half of the travels of numerous tourists seeking rest and peace. The typical houses, the main church, dedicated to Santa Margherita di Antiochia, and excursions to Monte Falerio, are the main attractions.
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Albori  | Guillaume Lai/flickr
Guillaume Lai/flickr
Albori  | Carlo Martingano/flickr
Carlo Martingano/flickr
Albori  | Carlo Martingano/flickr
Carlo Martingano/flickr
Albori  | Carlo Martingano/flickr
Carlo Martingano/flickr
Albori  | ollirg/
Albori  | Michael Kellner/Shutterstock
Michael Kellner/Shutterstock
Albori  | Giambattista Lazazzera/Shutterstock
Giambattista Lazazzera/Shutterstock
Albori  | Giambattista Lazazzera/shutterstock
Giambattista Lazazzera/shutterstock
Albori  | Gianfranco Vitolo/flickr
Gianfranco Vitolo/flickr
Albori  | Carlo Martingano/flickr
Carlo Martingano/flickr
Albori  | Emanuele Debenedetti/flickr
Emanuele Debenedetti/flickr
Albori  | Giedra Bartas/
Giedra Bartas/
Albori  | Francesca Pianzola/
Francesca Pianzola/
A look at Albori
A look at Albori
Not only seaside villages characterize the Amalfi coast! It is often inside, clinging to the slopes of the Lattari mountains that hide the most precious and less known gems: Albori is one of these. Small fraction of Vietri Sul Mare.  | MIKY  MERISI  - e-borghi Community
Not only seaside villages characterize the Amal...
MIKY MERISI - e-borghi Community

About the village

The Amalfi coast is a destination for many tourists every year. Along these splendid coasts you can admire fabulous landscapes, almost like a postcard. One of these places is Albori, a small town near Vietri, which stands about 300 meters above the sea and which also has a fantastic view for this reason. This group of houses, surrounded by Monte Falerio, are part of a village that has been chosen as one of the most beautiful in Italy. Choosing to spend a period of relaxation with a special person certainly helps to live the moment better: the silence in these places is deafening and is interrupted only by the wind that moves between the houses and which makes the leaves swing in a fantastic dance some trees. The famous writer Domenico Rea also said that sighs are heard in this country. In fact, in this small town, everyone feels part of a single family.

Its name derives from the Latin term arbor, which means tree and this immediately makes us understand what is the natural context in which this fantastic village fits: a dense forest of vegetation and wild animals. The origin of the word is traced back to the times of the Etruscans and in particular to the inhabitants of Marcina.

The village is particularly striking in its relationship with the passage of time, this small town seems to have completely stopped with respect to the flow of events and for many it is almost a miracle that even today it is possible to admire these genuine beauties. Crossing the alleys, the gaze is undoubtedly captured by the characteristic houses, typical of the fishing village, in stone and lime and with the Neapolitan tiles on the roofs, which give way to the main square on which the church of Santa Margherita dominates. The interior of the church is as particular as the exterior. The decoration was made with magnificent frescoes and paintings belonging to the seventeenth century, the work of the Neapolitan school (one of the major exponents is Francesco Solimena). In order to fully appreciate the genuine character of this place and this land, you must absolutely take part in one of the excursions to Monte Falerio that with its woods, the houses, the clean air and the view on a sea with crystal clear waters , is undoubtedly worth visiting.
At the end of a good walk through these fantastic landscapes, it is advisable to taste a good local dish, tasting the delicious dishes based on fresh fish and flavored with Amalfi lemon. Local dishes include penne alla cuppitello (penne and seasonal vegetables) and pacifier balls (sweet and sour potato croquettes).

What we undoubtedly recommend to see is the village that presents itself with characteristic white houses, small intertwining alleys and balconies adorned with flowers, a few shops and some bars. Walking through these alleys, it seems to have a unique experience, accompanied by lemon trees at the top, which overlook the balconies. The main activity in Albori is undoubtedly tourism and in addition to a visit to the parish dedicated to Santa Margherita di Antiochia, set by houses and alleys that frame it, also deserves the small museum where fantastic ceramic works are exhibited, set up in the old turret located in villa Guariglia.
For all those who cannot do without a dip in the sea, Marina di Albori is a small stretch of beach where you can spend serenely with your family, a few hours on the coast.

Living the daily life of this village means being admired to see the women who pray the rosary together every day, while the husbands gather to talk about the harvest and the fruits of the earth. Precisely because the inhabitants of Albori feel they are part of a single family, when an event is organized here, it is always a big party and there is always a great popular participation.

Village of Albori
Municipality of Vietri sul Mare
province of Salerno
Region Campania

Inhabitants: 7.902 Alboresi
Altitude center: 80 m a.s.l.

Unesco site:
Amalfi Coast

The Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Città della ceramica
Paesi dipinti
Cityà and world heritage sites Unesco

Corso Umberto I - Tel. 089-763811

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  • Along the highway, the closest exits to the center of Albori are:
    - Exit Vietri sul Mare (A3 Naples-Salerno)
    - Salerno Centro exit (A3 Naples-Salerno)
    - Salerno - Fratte exit (A2 Salerno-Reggio Calabria)
    - Baronissi exit (A2 Salerno-Reggio Calabria)
  • Coming from high-flow roads the closest exits are:
    - Exit Fisciano - Mercato S.Severino (RA2 Avellino-Salerno)
    - Exit Montoro Sud (RA2 Avellino-Salerno)


  • Vietri sul mare railway station
  • Cava de 'Tirreni railway station
  • Salerno railway station


  • Naples Capodichino Airport

Travel proposals in Albori and in its territory

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Interested villages: Albori, Vietri sul Mare

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Via Raimondo Orsini, 4 - 84010, Tramonti (Salerno)
6.50 Kilometers from Albori
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San Giovanni Battista

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Santa Margherita di Antiochia

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