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Acqualagna, near the magnificent Gola del Furlo, is nationally called the Capital of the Truffle. The village is a popular destination both for those who love gastronomic itineraries and for those who want to visit and stay in places where you can breathe an atmosphere that has remained unchanged over time.
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Acqualagna  | Anastasia Vereftenko-shutterstock
Anastasia Vereftenko-shutterstock
Acqualagna  | Anastasia Vereftenko-shutterstock
Anastasia Vereftenko-shutterstock
Acqualagna  |
Acqualagna  | Alessandro Pierpaoli
Alessandro Pierpaoli
Acqualagna  | Buffy1982/shutterstock
Black truffle  |
Black truffle
A look at Acqualagna
A look at Acqualagna
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About the village

Acqualagna is a Marche village located in the hinterland of the province of Pesaro and Urbino, near the magnificent Gola del Furlo and is nationally called the Capital of the Truffle.
Located in a strategic position due to its proximity to the highest mountains in the area, the Catria and the Nerone, Acqualagna allows you to take paths on foot, by bike and on horseback in both winter and summer. Fascinating naturalistic itineraries that will bring its guests to discover the most unexplored territory.

Acqualagna, therefore, represents a sought-after destination and, at the same time, far from traditional circuits, both for those who love gastronomic itineraries and for those who want to visit and stay in places where you can breathe an atmosphere that has remained unchanged over time.
But nature is not everything, because both in Acqualagna and in all neighboring municipalities there is a history and culture that starts from the Roman era to evolve up to the present day.

Near the current center, in ancient times there was a Roman town, Pitinum Mergens, destroyed by Alaric; the surviving inhabitants later founded the castle of Montefalcone from which, in the late Middle Ages, the village was formed.
Today, right in the center of the village, there is the "Antiquarium Pitinum Mergens" Museum, where exhibits from the excavation of the rustic villa found in Colombara di Acqualagna are exhibited.
Archaeological remains relevant to the route of the ancient Via Flaminia, the main Roman artery in the area, opened in 220 BC, were also found near Acqualagna. by Gaio Flaminio to connect Rome to Ariminum (Rimini), representing in ancient times the fundamental road axis for the connection between Rome and northern Italy.
Going to discover the village you can also see many churches and convents that connect us to the past: the church of Santa Lucia, San Vincenzo, San Paterniano, that of the Santissima Annunziata and the Santissimo Sacramento.

Acqualagna is known worldwide for the artistic processing of stone, one of the craft activities that have made the name of the village famous. A centuries-old tradition that has its roots in the work of the ancient stonemasons of Furlo, who thanks to their ability and the easy availability of the material in the "quarries", also created important works and architectural structures in Urbino.

One of the most important events of the village is the National Truffle Fair, which takes place on the last weekend of October and the first of November. It is the most important appointment in central Italy dedicated to the Tuber Magnatum Pico, during which you can get in touch with truffle sellers, taste the culinary news, attend themed conferences and learn about the simplicity of a unique place of its kind.
In addition to this appointment, Acqualagna offers two other fairs: the first in February dedicated to the prized black truffle and the second in July where the Regional Summer Black Truffle Fair is held.

Acqualagna is surrounded by as many villages that tell the story and culture of the Pesaro hinterland. A few kilometers from the Truffle Capital it is possible to reach: Piobbico; Urbania, known nationally for the art of working with ceramics and majolica; Apecchio, located at the foot of Monte Nerone a few kilometers from Piobbico; Cagli, located at the foot of the Catria and Petrano mountains.

Acqualagna offers many food and wine ideas to satisfy the culinary needs of its guests. Starting from the beloved white winter truffle, throughout the year you can taste typical dishes and seasonal specialties thanks to the restaurants in the area. The first to attract attention is definitely the truffle king who sees his maximum power in the village of Acqualagna.
The territory, following its ancient traditions, manages to offer the group of tourists a set of typical products from the farms in the area, which produce fruits of the earth, ranging from vegetables and legumes, from meat to cheeses, from cold cuts to oils, to wines. All this to excite the guests, making them live in a parallel reality full of taste.

Village of Acqualagna
Municipality of Acqualagna
Province of Pesaro and Urbino
Regione Marche
Center altitude: 204 m s.l.m.
the Municipality is part of: 
Città del tartufo
Città slow

Protected natural areas:
Riserva naturale statale Gola del Furlo
Patronal feast
Santa Lucia - 13 dicembre

Municipality of Acqualagna
Piazza Mattei 9 - Acqualagna (PU)
tel: 072179671


  • From North and South: Take the A14 motorway (from the north in the direction of Ancona and from the south in the direction of Naples), exit at Fano, continue on the E78 Fano-Grosseto highway, follow the direction for Rome, continue on the SP 3, exit towards Acqualagna - Piobbico - Città della Pieve.
  • From Pesaro: Take the SS 16 Adriatica, cross Fano, turn onto the E78 highway, follow the direction for Rome, continue on the SP 3 and exit towards Acqualagna - Piobbico - Città della Pieve.


  • Pesaro station
  • Fano station


  • Ancona airport
  • Rimini airport


  • Port of Ancona

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