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Cirigliano rises gathered on a relief surrounded by high mountains and thick woods, along the Sauro stream. Belonging to several lords including the Formica, to whom the Castle was built in 1593, in the old center there is the Mother Church, dating back to the 16th century, but rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century. The Carnival of Cirigliano, with a masked procession that crosses the country from Sunday to Shrove Tuesday and interprets the twelve months of the year.
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Cirigliano  | Apt Basilicata
Apt Basilicata
Cirigliano  | Apt Basilicata
Apt Basilicata
Cirigliano  | Apt Basilicata
Apt Basilicata
A look at Cirigliano
A look at Cirigliano

About the village

The first written evidence of the existence of the small village of Cirigliano (Cëregliànë in lucan dialect) dates back to 1060. Draws Its etymology from "Caerellius" because built into the property of Cerellio, Roman centurion to which were donated these lands for merits on the battlefield. It is said that was Cirigliano an obligatory stop for those who by Heraclea was supposed to go to power or Tricarico. The appointed places to stop were the bakery of Cirigliano and La Taverna di Acinello.

The village is surrounded by towers and walls to confirm that it is a question of a medieval village. In the center of the village stands the imposing the old feudal castle with its impressive tower oval and the chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows which preserves among other things a piety of the seventeenth century nestled on a small temple of wood decorated. The day of 12 November 1861 formations captained Carmine Crocco and José Borjès, went to Cirigliano to disarm the militi of the local National Guard. Well received, did stop for a couple of hours before moving toward Gorgoglione which reached in the early afternoon.

From the castle to the palaces, from homes to the roads, the village is entirely built in "stone of Cirigliano" that still today extracted from its quarries, constitutes an important resource for the craft that works and for its marketing. Obvious examples of exploitation of the stone are the chapel of S. Lucy and the square of the village. At about 2 km., between the green of the olive trees and vineyards, you can admire the grotto dedicated to Our Lady and dug in the rock by a robber repented. The territory of Cirigliano predominantly montano is rich in forests of tall trees and sources. The water source Furr at 1000 m a.s.l., catalogd as low in mineral content, is particularly indicated for the cure of the digestive system. In the vicinity of the source of water Furr is the adventure park Lucania Outdoor Park.

Excellent cheeses sheep and goats, flavorful salami and the famous oil of Majatica make Cirigliano the country of good food. You can savor however also succulent dishes for the most part based on pasta prepared by hand by noodles with breadcrumbs to orecchiette with turnip greens, from the cavatelli with sauce of "Bum", a tasty type of sausage, the so-called "ciauledda", a tasty soup. On the occasion of the carnival is not lacking the "Rafanata", pancakes of horseradish and cheese.

The Carnival of Cirigliano is one of the carnivals in the Lucan tradition. A parade of masks for the village lucano with figures that represent the twelve months of the year, the four seasons and the conclusion of the event with the funeral of the Carnival personified by a courageous that whitened by talc and flour, is lying in a coffin. The mesta circumstance is underlined by the cry of the poor Quaremma that has lost her husband. The parade of Cirigliano concludes with the final stake of a phantom of straw which in the meantime has replaced the courageous impersonifica that Carnival. Is a carnival of the peasant tradition that recalls what is thin wire between life and death, between the happiness and the pain.

Village of Cirigliano
Municipality of Cirigliano

Province of Matera
Basilicata Region

Population: 369 
Altitude centre: 656 m s.l.m.

Municipality of Cirigliano
Piazza Municipio 13 - Cirigliano (MT)
Tel. +39 0835 563081


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Lido Sporting Beach
Largo Enotria Lungomare di - 75025, Policoro (Matera)
47.01 Kilometers from Cirigliano


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