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Celenza Valfortore

A small village in the Sub Northern Dauno Apennines, Cassano delle Murge rises on the border with Molise on a pleasant hill overlooking the Fortore valley which is now occupied by the artificial reservoir of Occhito. Its territory is rich in waters, woods and placed at the intersection of large historic roads such as sheep tracks of transhumance. A magical place, rich in history and traditions, where time seems to have stopped.
  • Village with castle
  • Suitable for disabled people
Celenza Valfortore  | Paki Cassano
Celenza Valfortore
Paki Cassano
Celenza Valfortore  | Paki Cassano
Celenza Valfortore
Paki Cassano
Celenza Valfortore  |
Celenza Valfortore
A look at Celenza Valfortore
A look at Celenza Valfortore

About the village

Celenza Valfortore is a small village of the sub-Apennines northern Dauno. It rises on the borders with the Molise on a pleasant hillside from which overlooks the valley of the Fortore occupied today by the artificial basin of Occhito. Its territory is rich in waters, forests and situated at the crossroads of great historical streets such as the tracks of the transhumance. This peculiarity has allowed the populating of its territory since Neolithic times. The historiography wants founded by Diomedes on Colle della Valva, strategic outpost between the valleys of the box, of the cap and of the Fortore, with the name of Celenna. It nods Virgil in Book VII of the Aeneid:


THE ANCIENT Celenna countered, allying themselves with the Samnites, the expansion of Rome and it was subdued and destroyed in the aftermath of victory that the romans obtained on Pirro and its allies in 275 B.C. to "Maleventum", since then renamed "Beneventum". For historical memory is handed down that for order of the consul Manlio Curio toothed, winner in Benevento, Celenna was razed to the ground and on its ruins was done to rub salt to signify that it was no longer necessary to resurrect. The scattered population gathered on the current hill reconstructing the inhabited center to which he gave the name of "Celentia to Valvam"
the earth of Celenza with its casali re-emerged from the darkness of the years which followed the fall of the Roman Empire, depopulation, to the dispersion to the devastation, with the new phenomenon of urbanization and the fortification that coincided with the beginning of feudalism. In the Byzantine period changes its name to "Celentia to Valvam" in "Celentia in captained". With the Swabian period begins the long series of the feudal lords that detennero the feud of Celenza until the advent of the Parthenopean Republic. Between the feudal distinguished themselves for a considerable period of time the exponents of the noble family of the pisana of Gambacorta. Their lordship gave stability to the feud and allowed them cultural development, political and social. They sought to bring in "province" culture and the taste of the capital: Naples. Many of the monumental buildings present in Celenza saw the light during their seigniory, as evidenced by the large presence on the same of the coat of arms of the noble family. They dedicated themselves to the reconstruction of monuments and buildings of worship destroyed during the earthquake of 1456. In 1571 Celenza takes the name of "Celenza of Valle Fortore" and adopts the Goddess Ceres as emblem of the city.

Not to be missed some interesting places to visit such as the monastery of San Nicola and its Antiquarium, the Mother Church of Santa Croce and the Baronial Palace.

In August you can not miss the Palio delle Contrade and Festival from savcicc, where you can enjoy typical local dishes and traditional products of this land, including the famous salami, which are precisely prepared winter before on the occasion of the Palio.

Village of Celenza Valfortore
Municipality of Celenza Valfortore
Province of Foggia
Apulia Region

inhabitants: 1.598
Altitude center: 480 m a.s.l.

Via C. Alberto 2 - Tel. +39 0881 554016

= distances as the crow flies


  • Campobasso station
  • San Severo station

Travel proposals in Celenza Valfortore and in its territory

Sleep, eat, buy...

Nautica Vieste
Viale XXIV Maggio, 16 - 71019, Vieste (Foggia)
105.41 Kilometers from Celenza Valfortore
= distances as the crow flies


june, 2022

San Giovanni Battista

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