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In Chianale, on the border between Piedmont and France, you can breathe all the magical scent of the Alps. Fraction of the municipality of Pontechianale, the village closes the Upper Val Varaita with its lake surrounded by woods and pine forests. Going up you arrive at the beautiful village of Chianale, all in stone located at 1,800 meters high, divided into two agglomerations by the Varaita stream.
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Chianale  | ALESSANDRO GIAMELLO/shutterstock
Chianale  | ALESSANDRO GIAMELLO/shutterstock
  | ALESSANDRO GIAMELLO/shutterstock

Chianale  |
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Chianale  |
Chianale  | Claudio Giovanni Colombo/
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A look at Chianale
A look at Chianale

About the village

Discover Chianale, a picturesque village in the province of Cuneo, in the beautiful setting of Alta Val Varaita, a destination that will enchant you with its rich history and unmistakable atmosphere. This charming Occitan village, at an altitude of 1,800 meters, is also known as the "Village of Stone," a place that preserves unchanged the hallmarks of ancient Piedmontese traditions. Its extraordinary beauty has earned it a place among the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy."

The name Chianale, or "La Cianal" in the Occitan language, alludes to the work of channeling the Varaita stream between the houses of the village, or according to others, to the source of the river itself. This charming village nestled on the alpine slopes is part of the municipality of Pontechianale, an area enriched by a mosaic of small hamlets, each with its own peculiarity.

Designed along the ancient "Chemin Royal", the historic salt road to France, Chianale offers a breathtaking cultural and architectural heritage. Here, the winding and spectacular path up to the Colle dell'Agnello at 2748 meters offers enchanting views, available for road trips only during the summer months.

Characteristic in Chianale's landscape is the ancient Church of St. Anthony, dating from the 14th century and enhanced by a bifurcated bell gable. It was once the only center in the valley where freedom of worship was de facto in force.
In Alta Val Varaita, we find the hamlet of Castello, home to the Pontechianale Dam. Its artificial lake, created in the 1940s, is a destination for tourists during the summer season. Evidence of the hamlet of Chiesa di Pontechianale, once submerged by the lake due to the construction of the dam, are the remains of houses visible on the bottom of the lake during lean periods.

The municipality's territory boasts the Bosco dell'Alevè, known as the largest stone pine forest in Europe. Since 2009, Chianale has also been home to the Museum of Costume and Textile Craftsmanship, located in the 18th-century premises of the Capuchin Mission, an exhibit full of traditional costumes.
Chianale is an enchanting village, perfectly preserved in time, where history, traditions and nature come together to create an unforgettable experience for the visitor. A hidden treasure in the heart of Piedmont, to be discovered and rediscovered.

Village of Chianale
Municipality of Pontechianale
Province of Cuneo
Piedmont Region

Abitanti: 169
Altitudine centro: 1614 m s.l.m.

the Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Unione Montana Valle Varaita

Frazione Maddalena 1 - Tel. +39 0175 950174

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  • Turin Caselle Airport

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Piazza Italia, 23 , Neive (Cuneo)
88.71 Kilometers from Chianale
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