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Costume and Textile Craft Museum

What to see in Chianale, Cuneo, Piedmont

The Costume Museum of Chianale hosts a rich documentation on the costumes of the valley and on the products of the textile handicrafts. The traditional dress of women is in the three villages higher Val Varaita a complex apparatus in reference to a precise territorial area is the expression of a precise cultural unity.

It is the habit that on this territory was until recent times the most effective tool for expressing the "situation" of woman in all its many aspects (its social and family, its age, a possible mourning...) in reference to the calendar (work days and holidays, Carnival and Lent...). And in the mental representation of this dress its antiquity has an important role because "it wears always" or at least "from eras remotissime".

The clothing as response to environmental constraints of the high altitude (the weight of a female costume full weekday time has not reflected in other localities of the western Alps) is one of the themes that have guided research. The feminine dress packaged in heavy dark cloth (but in the past there were dresses red, green, blue ...) is original in cutting: three large folds down from the shoulders to the brim and give a certain austerity to the collection.

June and September: only Saturday and Sunday, 15-18.
July and August: every day, 15 to 18.
Closed on Tuesday.

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= distances as the crow flies
= distances as the crow flies
= distances as the crow flies


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