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Roccavivara dominates the valley of the Trigno river and enjoys a truly spectacular geographical position. It is a concentrate of archaeological, artistic-religious and naturalistic resources. From the Roman villa of the imperial age, to the church of Santa Maria del Canneto, among the most significant examples of Romanesque art, to the centuries-old beech woods near Lake Ivalso.
  • Village in the mountain
  • Oil city
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Roccavivara  | Nicola Ninni
Nicola Ninni
A look at Roccavivara
A look at Roccavivara

About the village

On the origins of the name of Roccavivara there are two hypotheses, the first wants it derives from Rocca Bonnarii, referring to its founder, a certain Bonnario; the second that it comes from the Fortress of Vivara, referring to the contrada of Vivara still existing and bordering the municipality of Roccavivara. The low part of the agro Roccavivara offers ample evidence of the presence of inhabited centers at the time of Rome republican and imperial. Historical news tell us that in 1268 was the feudatory of Roccavivara Gualtiero of Vollers; he followed Bertrando Cantelmo, whose descendants held the domain until 1442. Subsequently the power passed to the Di Sangro, to the Carafa and Coppola until the abolition of feudalism. In the locality of San Fabiano was found a very interesting site: a Roman villa certainly built on a ground floor supported by a megalithic construction.

Of valuable historical-artistic value is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria in Canneto, that certainly deserves a visit.

Very interesting finally are the traditions linked to religious celebrations. Particular care in fact is put in the preparation and in the carrying out of the feast of Saint Joseph that occurs twice a year. The families that preserve the traditions handed down by the avi, invite you to lunch at the base of the stockfish and cereals on 19 March and meat-based on the first of May, three persons representing the Sacred Family. The feast is preceded by the Blessing of the bread that will be consumed by households.

Another tradition is that of Gallo di San Rocco. A rooster was placed in a manhole from which emerged only the head; the sight of onlookers, a person bandaged tried to kill the animal by vibrating a decisive blow to the rod. For some years the event takes place using a rooster imitation of plaster after repeated protests by animal rights activists.

Another important initiative pursued by many families, is the one called Sagne de la Madonna. The ceremony involves on the part devoted to send seven girls and an old lady in the locality of Santa Maria di Canneto. The group represents the sight of the Holy Virgin the desires and the intentions of the family. To return to the town is in fact find them a typical dish said The Sagn' de la Madonnas, homemade pasta seasoned with tomato sauce or vinegar and various spices. The meal is then distributed to the other rocchesi. At the altar with the decoration of the Madonna, runs a legend that the statue sorrida people really care to God, after the prayer of the mass.

Municipality of Roccavivara
Province of Campobasso
Molise Region

Population: 702 rocchesi
Altitude centre: 650 m s.l.m.

the Municipality is part of:
Città dell'olio

Protected Natural Areas:
Parco delle Morge Cenozoiche del Molise

Via Papa Giovanni XXIII 10 - Tel. +39 0874 875087

= distances as the crow flies


  • From North and South: From the A14 Adriatica motorway in the direction of Pescara, exit at Montenero di Bisaccia / Vasto Sud / San Salvo, take the SS 650 in the direction of Isernia / Montenero di Bisaccia, continue on the SP 202, turn onto the SP 15 in direction of Roccavivara (SP 92).
  • From Campobasso: Take the SS 87, continue on the SS 647, turn onto the SP 163 in the direction of Lucito, cross Lucito, turn onto the SP 92 in the direction of Roccavivara.
  • From Naples: From the A1 highway, exit at Caianello, turn towards Benevento, continue towards Campobasso, SS 17, merge onto SS 650 towards San Salvo, continue on the SP 202, turn onto the SP 15 towards Roccavivara (SP 92 ).
  • From Rome: From the A1 Autostrada del Sole exit at San Vittore, follow direction Isernia, Campobasso, reach the SS 17, continue on the SS 650 in the direction of San Salvo, continue on the SP 202, turn onto the SP 15 in the direction of Roccavivara ( SP 92).


  • Campobasso railway station


  • Pescara airport
  • Foggia airport
  • Naples airport
  • Rome Ciampino Airport
  • Rome Fiumicino Airport


  • Port of Termoli
  • Port of Pescara
  • Port of Naples

Sleep, eat, buy...

MCM Nautica
Via Corsica 179 - 86039, Termoli (Campobasso)
37.00 Kilometers from Roccavivara
= distances as the crow flies


march, 2023

Feast of San Giuseppe

may, 2023

Feast of San Giuseppe

august, 2023

Patronal feast of Sant'Emidio

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The Sagne del la Madonna are a simple and tasty first course linked to the Molise tradition, especially in Roccavivara. In fact, this dish is prepared especially on the first of August, when the homonymous event takes place in Santa Maria di Canneto, on the banks of the Trigno river. This provides that the devotees should initiate seven girls and an elderly lady, in the presence of the Blessed Virgin, to represent the wishes and intentions of the family. Once back at the village, they celebrate tasting this delicious typical dish. The par...
Eleven players form a soccer team. And eleven are the municipalities of Molise that have decided to team up to win the most difficult match against the opponent considered "historic" in these parts: depopulation. Molise, in fact, especially in the last twenty years, passively attends the increasingly frequent departures of its inhabitants, who leave the smallest region of Italy in search of fortune in other areas of the boot, thus causing enormous demographic damage to their land from.

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