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Glorenza - Glurns

The smallest town in South Tyrol, Glorenza is a very small medieval village surrounded by walls, which were built at the request of Ferdinand I of Habsburg and completed in 1580. Located in the center of the Venosta Valley, dominated by the Tarces hill, Glorenza it is the only inhabited center with arcades.
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About the village

Glorenza (Glurns in German, Gluorn in romancio) is a village with fewer than 900 inhabitants. It is the smallest municipality in South Tyrol to enjoy the title of the city (in German Stadtgemeinde). In Glorenza there is the saying, "Our city is so small that we must go to the church out of the walls." It is located in the center of the Venosta Valley, dominated by the Tarces hill, known archaeological site. In its surroundings, to the west, you will find Tubre in Val Monastery, close to the border with Switzerland, while north you will meet first Malles, then Lake Resia and the same step.

During the Roman period we know that Glorenza was an important crossroads both for Via Claudia Augusta and for the ancient trade route to Switzerland. The first citation of the village dates back to 1163 and the name "Glurnis" is used, which means "ontaneto" or "hazel". In 1332, the city assumed such a commercial importance, which in the valley was imposed on the weighing of goods, the "measure of Glorenza".

The village also holds the monopoly of salt trade, which comes from Hall in Tirol. This picturesque medieval village, embraced by mighty walls, which protects it and at the same time creates an evocative atmosphere, has a town planning organization typical of the Middle Ages, although the architectural style of most buildings is from the 16th century. In the historic center of Glorenza, the only one with porticos throughout the Venosta valley, you will find numerous abodes of great artistic value, enriched by the typical Erker, and decorated with frescoes.

Village of Glorenza
Municipality of Glorenza / Glurns
Province of Bolzano / Bozen
Trentino-Alto Adige region

Population: 896
Altitude Center: 907 m s.l.m.

The Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia

Protected natural areas:
Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio

Piazza Municipio 1 - phone +39 0473-831209

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Open from October to March, the farmstead run by the Brunner family produces an excellent Müller ...
Erzweg 25, Villandro (Bolzano)
76.59 Kilometers from Glorenza - Glurns
Acquafun San Candido
Acquafun pool, the specialist center for wellness, health and fitness
Via M.H. Hueber - 39038, San Candido (Bolzano)
132.21 Kilometers from Glorenza - Glurns
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