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Extra virgin olive oil from Garda DOP: kindness and character from the shores of the lake

Tuesday 24 october 2017

Olive oil from Garda DOP: all the wonder of a delicate but persistent aroma oil. A beloved and extremely rare raw material that grows around Lake Garda.

Extra virgin olive oil from Garda DOP: kindness and character from the shores of the lake

Italian olive oil, it is known, is one of the greatest assets of our territory, comparable for olfactory complexity, quality and productive research only to our best wines. Today we come to know a little special olive oil, an excellence of our territory that is born on the shores of Lake Garda: Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Garda DOP.

A delicate, enveloping and elegant color, like the territory in which it grows. The first impact with this excellent raw material can only be visual: the difference between this variety of extra virgin olive oil and the more robust and structured oils could not be more brilliant. The adjectives that are most easily associated with the Garda DOP oil are the following: fresh, gentle, delicate, fruity. A kindness that accompanies a great personality, a character that loves to accompany the great dishes of the terriory: eel, lake fish, stuffed tortellas and many other delicacies, substantial and with a particularly decisive flavor.

The production of this oil is basically small, and therefore even more precious, just think that it does not even reach 1% of the national production.

The Lake Garda oil mills are small, family-run businesses, some of them old and newer, combined with strong conviction and constant constant reconfirmation of the quality excellence of DOP Garda Oil.

Here, as in other regions of Italy, there are young companies that work well and that by their work raise day after day the image of Italian Oil in the world.

Oil DOP: what does it mean?

The Garda DOP oil is a niche product, constantly monitored by its Consortium and a Certifying Body on the basis of a production specification, one of the most restrictive at national level, approved by Reg. CE 2081/92.

The specification is used to set the varieties of olives allowed, the entry of olive groves, the delimitation of the production areas, the maximum production per hectare, the chemical and organoleptic parameters.

The Certifying Body establishes the plan for the eligibility of the product to the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) and the marketing arrangements.

Appearance and unmistakable flavors

After monitoring every step of the production and extraction of DOP Garda Oil, the last word goes through the eyes and the taste, through the organoleptic analysis carried out by a group of experienced tasters. This evaluation closes with the oil assignment of a score.

Only oils with a rating higher than or equal to seven may be labeled Dop.

Sensory analysis of extra virgin olive oil "Garda Bresciano" Dop

Color: from green to yellow

Odor: light or medium fruity

Flavor: Fruity with a slight bitter and spicy sensation, almond aftertaste

Acidity: not more than 0.6 grams per 100 grams of oil Panel Testing Score:> = 7.00

Peroxide number: <= 12 Meq02 / Kg

Oleic acid:> = 74%

Olfactory aromatic sensations that can be found again

in extra virgin olive oil "Garda Bresciano" Dop

Acerbo - herbs like mint, sage, rosemary - flowers - fresh leaf - almond - pine nuts - apple - banana - vanilla - tomato - lettuce - artichoke.

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