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Recipe: Myrtle flavoured chicken

Friday 09 june 2017

A tasty cold dish of Sardinian tradition from the village of Masullas

Recipe: Myrtle flavoured chicken

Today we will enjoy a dish of the Sardinian tradition from the village of Masullas, the "Caboniscu Ammuttau" or Myrtle flavoured chicken. This dish, suitable for hot summer days, is one of the protagonists of the "Sagra de Caboniscu Ammuttau, binu nieddu and pai indorau" festival, which is held every June the 2nd in the village.

This simple and tasty recipe is prepared with very few ingredients such as chicken and myrtle with its berries and leaves.


  • 1 whole chicken
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Fresh berries, leaves and sprigs of myrtle in abundance


Let's boil, in a pot with about 5/7 liters of water, a handful of fresh myrtle sprigs. When the water has reached the boiling point we add about 5/6 tablespoons of rock salt and then the chicken well washed and cut into pieces. Let's cook the chicken for about 40/50 minutes (the cooking time may vary depending on the type of meat). Meanwhile we prepare the abundant fresh myrtle cut into small sprinkles well washed and dried. When the meat is ready we prepare the bottom of bowl with a sprinkle of myrtle previously prepared and a handful of salt. Let's put the chicken pieces in the bowl, sprinkle with salt and cover with myrtle. The Myrtle flavoured chicken is eaten cold and lasts about 24/36 hours outside the fridge.


...good appetite, or, A sa parti!!

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