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The Delight of the Sea: A Journey into the Traditional Cuisine of Chioggia

Monday 04 september 2023

Discover the cuisine of Chioggia: a journey through seafood appetizers, authentic first courses, seconds full of flavors and local accompaniments.

The Delight of the Sea: A Journey into the Traditional Cuisine of Chioggia

Bigoli in salsa - Ph. VisitChioggia

In the enchanting world of Chioggia’s cuisine, where the salty flavours of the sea and the refined traditional culinary art blend into an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Here the seafood cuisine is synonymous with tradition and seasonality. In this article, we will take you on a culinary journey through the distinctive dishes of this wonderful village, from seafood delights such as baked scallops, fried or grilled scampi and the wise Sardines in Saor, up to local classics such as Risotto alla Pescatora, creamy Bigoli in sauce and the deeply aromatic Broeto. We will also explore local specialties such as Pesse Rosto Incovercià and Fritto Misto di Chioggia, not to mention the unmissable typical bread, Bussolà, and fresh vegetables from local gardens.

Start the tasting: Appetizers

In Chioggia the selection of appetizers is a real journey in the flavors of local waters. There is really spoiled for choice! You can start with the tasty baked scallops, flavored with breadcrumbs, parsley and a pinch of cognac or the inimitable fried or grilled scampi.

Do not miss the delicate Canocchie blanched enriched by the scent of salmoriglio. You will be delighted by the famous Sardines in Saor, made indispensable by the touch of white onion of Chioggia. And at the beginning of your gastronomic journey, taste the typical "Boboli de vida" will be an unforgettable experience, snails cooked to perfection with garlic, oil and parsley.

Sarde in Saore
Sarde in Saor - Ph. VisitChioggia

For the Second Round: First Courses

Passing to the first courses, it is obligatory to take a dip in the local risotto. A must try is Risotto alla Pescatora, its ingredients change according to the catch of the day, always creating new taste surprises.

And what about the spectacular Bigoli in sauce or the delicious Fish Soup, the Broeto? They are authentic preparations that will make every seafood lover fall in love.

Risotto alla Pescatora
Risotto alla Pescatora - Ph. VisitChioggia

The Highlight: Second Plates

For the second dishes prepared to discover a quarter of an hour of pure culinary enjoyment. Taste fine fish such as sea bass, turbot, monkfish or sea bream to be enjoyed grilled or baked.

You can not try the Cuttlefish with black or stewed. Delight the palate with the traditional Moeche frite, irresistible crabs in a crunchy suit. And what about the Pesse Rosto Incovercià? An ode to grilled fish, re-baked in a pan with oil, vinegar, white wine and garlic.

Not to be missed, to conclude in beauty, here is the unmissable Fritto Misto di Chioggia: an extraordinary mix of scampi, squid, shrimp and acquadelle, caught the same day and served with the inevitable roast polenta.

Moeche frite
Moeche Frite - Ph. VisitChioggia

Perfect accompaniment

Each dish is beautifully accompanied by the Bussolà, the typical bread of Chioggia. There is never a shortage of local vegetables. Red radicchio, white onion, carrot, potatoes, pumpkin or beetroot: they are all tasty homages to the gardens of Chioggia.

We conclude our gastronomic tour with a sweet curtain: a glass of Prosecco. It is the ideal companion for this explosion of sea flavors.


The typical cuisine of Chioggia is a refined expression of Venetian culture and an authentic treasure of flavors and traditions. From fresh seafood appetizers to hearty first courses, passing through the second courses rich in nuances and the unmistakable local accompaniments: each dish tells a story of intense connection with the sea and the local vegetable garden.

Rich in fresh ingredients and authentic preparations, the essential cuisine of Chioggia is a culinary journey that satisfies every palate, whether you are a fish lover or a fan of local vegetables. Take advantage of your visit to this charming city and delight yourself with a lunch or dinner in its many quality restaurants, trattorias or cicchetterie: we can guarantee that it will be a culinary experience that you will not easily forget.

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