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Recipe: Broad beans, pecorino cheese and bacon from the village of Greccio

Friday 12 june 2020

Battlehorse of Lazio cuisine: broad beans, pecorino cheese and Greccio bacon, a tasty appetizer to enjoy with good bread and a glass of red wine.

Recipe: Broad beans, pecorino cheese and bacon from the village of Greccio

Greccio is one of the most characteristic and picturesque places you can find in the Rieti Valley and it will be in this ancient village, of medieval origin, that you can taste a typical dish of the Lazio region tradition: broad beans, accompanied by pecorino cheese and bacon. This particular triptych is rich in flavors and tastes that will form the right contrast that will make it delicious and appetizing: the sweetness of the bacon will form a hug with the salty Roman pecorino cheese, and the broad beans will combine everything making it absolutely special and unmistakable. Usually this dish is eaten as an appetizer, but depending on the season it can also be used as a second course, in the company of a crunchy slice of homemade bread, and good local red wine.


For 4 people

2 kg of fresh broad beans;
350 gr of Pecorino Romano;
350 gr of sweet bacon;
500 g of bread;


First, you will need a cutting board to start preparing the bacon: by taking a piece, you will have to remove the rind and all those parts that may have yellowed, as well as the upper part that is darker. At this point, you can cut slices no thicker than 2 millimeters.
Now, setting aside the bacon, you can devote yourself to pecorino Romano: remove the rind, and cut it into slices no thicker than the bacon, or as you prefer. If the Pecorino Romano is particularly mature, it is advisable to cut it into flakes, or leave it in individual pieces.
Once you have finished cleaning and cutting the bacon and pecorino romano cheese, you will need to start shelling the beans, detaching one of the two ends of the pod: then divide it in half, you can open it entirely and extract the seeds, which must be collected in a bowl. Before putting them in the bowl, remember to eliminate the excrescence present on the seed, detaching it easily with your fingers, and then remove the film covering it.
Now you can dedicate yourself to the bread, which will be cut into slices and arranged as you prefer. At this point you can arrange all four ingredients as you prefer, for example, arranged on the chopping board or assembled and plated. The most important thing will be to get some good red wine to enjoy this beautiful and simple dish.

A little advice on preservation
Usually the dish of broad beans with pecorino cheese and bacon should be eaten freshly prepared. If there are leftovers, you can keep the ingredients for a maximum of two days, carefully wrapped in protective film, in the fridge.
To conclude, this tasty dish may be the right solution, to be prepared in less than twenty minutes, to delight your palate during the spring and summer season, thanks to its freshness and simplicity of its ingredients. It can be eaten both as a dish on the table and as a delicious outdoor picnic, admiring the beauty of the village of Greccio. Please remember to accompany it with a good Roman red wine, you won't regret it!

Enjoy your meal!
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