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Break in Italy: Creating an Unforgettable Study Break for American Students

Thursday 17 august 2023

Explore memorable study breaks in Italy, combining education, culture, sightseeing, and creating lifelong memories for American students.

Break in Italy: Creating an Unforgettable Study Break for American Students

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It's hard to find a person who would not dream of visiting Italy at least once for a beautiful study break or thinking about coming back again to experience all the beauty and friendliness. Since Italy is a unique creative hub for art and science, delicious food, and breathtaking sightseeing, it will fit well even for those smart students who may wish to continue their education during the break. Regardless of whether you are looking for all the ancient ruins and plan to visit museums or hope to spend time at the beach, Italy has it all for you! Now, the tricky part is to plan it all accordingly to have an unforgettable study break!

Break in Italy: Creating an Unforgettable Study Break for American Students 

Make a Partnership with Italian Educational Institutions. 

One of the best ways to visit Italy is to receive certain support from your college or university. It makes it much safer to travel, especially when you are on a budget or feel worried about visiting Italy for the first time. As a student, you may discuss your plans and combine interesting academic activities with times of fun as you travel. If you cannot come up with a good proposal aimed at your college, consider as one of the amazing options to get creative and see what travel options you may have instead of handling it all on your own! 

Start With a Travel Plan

When you want to keep yourself safe, start with a travel plan and think about things like having your immunization card, medical prescriptions (if you have any!), and a set of clothes for every occasion. It does take time, so starting early and planning your Italian travel must be done with great care. If you are unsure about something, get in touch with the Italian embassy in the United States to ensure that you are doing everything correctly! 

Immerse Yourself in a Foreign Culture 

When you visit Italy for a study break, do not be afraid to talk to the locals, as they are the friendliest people ever who will guide you through everything. If you need to find affordable souvenirs, purchase some food, or learn some phrases in Italian, they will be able to help. Even if you learn several words, it will always show as a great sign of respect as people will treat you differently! 

Study and Travel Approach is Possible 

Even if you plan to boost your academic skills during the break in Italy, it is much easier than anywhere else. Italy has great and affordable housing for students and provides one of the best courses in any subject that are available in English. So if you are determined to learn new things or train yourself in a specific subject, it is possible as well in almost every large city! 

Document Your Study Break in a Blog. 

If you want to get creative and make your study break truly unforgettable as an American student, you can take things even further. Think about starting a video blog where you document your break in photos, videos, and writing. It will help fellow American students to learn more and discover the joys of this beautiful country. You can even show that one can study during the break and visit Italy anytime. While at it, approach as a safe solution that shows that one can deliver even the most complex tasks on time and continue with museum visits, music shows, or that famous shopping in Milan or any other Italian city for that matter! 

Italian Cultural Matters! 

If you are an American student planning to spend a study break in Italy, you simply have to take time to study some rules and learn more about the local traditions. For example, Italians have a habit of kissing friends and family members on the cheek as they meet. Your gender does not matter here! Now, if someone enters the room, you have to stand up to show respect. Speaking of how to dress in Italy, you have to keep it modest and avoid clothing items that are too relevant. Finally, if you imagine that all Italians seem to wear hats, it is partially true! Just remember to remove your hat indoors and do not leave food on the plate when someone invites you, as it is considered a bit rude! 


Barbara Freeland loves Italy and cannot imagine her life without Italian music, food, and architecture. As an educator, she loves to write and travel the world as she focuses on traditions, culture, and the best ways to have fun. Follow Barbara to get creative and discover helpful tips as you plan to visit Italy for a break.

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