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Peasant Civilisation House Museum

What to see in Sappada, Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

In the borgata Cretta lies the ancient Puicher s'Kottlars House: the building, inhabited without substantial alterations of its trim up to the eighties was detected by the Municipality of Sappada in 1990, recovered in full respect of the principles of the philological restoration conservative and has been destined to the House-Museum of peasant civilization. Here visitors can make a leap in time and make direct experience of the places, of domestic habits and lifestyle of the families sappadine, upon completion of the visit to the Museum of Ethnography. The complex of Puicher s'Kottlars house is an interesting example of dwelling a simple form with annexd stable-barn, referable to the second quarter of the Nineteenth Century.

Entered into the corridor (labe), which according to the traditional plant crosses from east to west the building, on the first floor there is the kitchen (Kuchl), blackened by the smoke of the fire opened (heart or offns vair) that affumicava food hung on the smokehouse eisn () the ceiling; quite another atmosphere is breathed in the dining room (kòschtibe), where the wood coating was isolating the heat of the masonry oven at a time (kòchlouvn), placed in the corner and fed through a suitable opening in the corridor (ouvnloch). After visiting the bedroom (kommer) on the ground floor you reach the second floor through the steep staircase of the Corridor: here you will find a second bedroom and a small bedroom (kemmerle) used as a small workshop for manual work, where you can observe numerous tools in wood. The Gallery runs on three sides of the second floor and houses, on the eastern side, the little Cabinet (gònk) with free fall. The roof conserves the original coverage to shingles in larch wood. Unlike most of the houses in Sappada, the barn (schtòl) located here is merged to the building on the ground floor, not as independent manufactured close to home. Upstairs on the back, has placed the barn (tell her), in which was preserved hay for the long winter.

Next to the house, in a garden (gòrte) are cultivated vegetables and cereals which could grow in the past in the valley. Close to potatoes (eapfl), which collect in autumn, there are caps (kobaskepfe) used to prepare the sauerkraut, beans (poan), peas (orbasn), cabbage navone (ravaneis) and different types of turnips (red turnips (roata ruibm) and white turnips for livestock (vihronkle)). The tuft of horseradish (krean) reigns over chives (schnittla), onions (zbival), garlic (knouval), carrots (moarn), Swiss chard (piessl) and watercress (kresse), that they ate together with the salad (solat). Between cereals, once cultivated in integer fields, you can recognize the ears baffute barley (gèrschte) with which you prepared soups, rye (rokke) that reaches maturity only if sown in the autumn, oats (hober) date in the meal to horses. The blue flowers of flax (hoor) undulate in summer alongside other flowers such as marigolds and recall the wide handkerchiefs of land adjacent to the country: the flax was worked and fabric in the house to be packaged underwear and clothing. In the garden there are medicinal and aromatic herbs (kraiter), like mint (minzn), La Malva (Mauve), Camomile (komildn), absinthe (bermant) and tarragon (pèrschtròmm) with which you condiva the sour ricotta cheese (saurnschotte). A heterogeneous set, that thanks to the contribution of the Lord sappadine every year is enriched with new plants.

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