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Cathedral of San Giovenale

What to see in Narni, Terni, Umbria

Located in Umbria, the Cathedral of San Giovenale Duomo di Narni is considered one of the most interesting and beautiful from the artistic point of view. It is dedicated to the first bishop of Narni, who lived in the fourth century B.C.

The cathedral leans against the Roman walls and overlooks Piazza Garibaldi through its side door. Tradition has it that the patron saint of the city was buried in this very place, where a shrine was erected in his honor already in the sixth century.

The Cathedral of Narni is one of the most important places of the Italian Baroque. Its interiors are characterized by valuable works of art, including paintings, sculptures and frescoes. What is most surprising is the majesty of Romanesque architecture, the escape of the columns supported by the singular lowered arches, the medieval suggestion of the Sacello di San Giovenale, the refinement of the Renaissance decorations of the Chapel of SS. Sacramento, but the most attentive visitor will have a jolt in front of the unexpected baroque magniloquence of the tribune and high altar, with elegant ciborium and confession, or the elegance of the inestimable artistic value of the Chapel of Blessed Lucia.

In addition to the artistic aspect, the Cathedral of San Giovenale is also the protagonist of various religious and cultural events. Among these, we note the offer of the rose to San Giovenale during the days of the Blessing of the Knights and the ceremony of De Cereis et Palii Offerendi, or the Offering of the Candles. These moments represent a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and traditions of the city.

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San Giovenale

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