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What to see in Camerota, Salerno, Campania

Lentiscosa is a small and charming village located in the heart of Cilento, in the province of Salerno. Characterized by a scenic location, narrow cobblestone streets and an atmosphere of authentic tranquility, Lentiscosa offers an authentic Cilento experience away from the beaten tourist track. In this article, we will discover together the history, traditions and natural sights of this hidden Cilento gem.

The oral narrative of Lentiscosa's origins brings to mind the fruitfulness of the lands located above the Infreschi, which were cultivated by the population of the agareni, who were mainly dedicated to fishing. Such people populated the countless caves and planted conspicuous quantities of olive trees that still line the area. They lived by exchanging their products with neighboring peoples who lived further upstream: these continuous exchanges led to their complete integration. To be believed to be the first inhabitants of the Lentiscosa caves are the Saracens.

There are two variants relating to the birth of the first settlement in Lentiscosa. The first of these accounts refers to an area close to Porto Infreschi. That locality possessed its own Tower of the Infreschi, its Taverna, of which a ruin remains located east of the small church, the tonnara, the warehouses located in the caves and the Church of Santa Maria di Porto Salvo, also known as San Lazzaro.

As the years passed, the settlement was invaded by numerous species of insects, and the population was forced to abandon the settlement and move to a higher area, the present one. The second story handed down that the first settlement arose in the vicinity of Sant'Angelo Street, but this version is believed to be posthumous.

The entire territory was adorned with numerous places of worship difatti, in addition to the current churches, included: the chapel of Santa Maria ro Chiano dotted with a legend around the sacred figure; the chapel of Pollareto; the convent, now ruins, of Spinapulece.

The village of Lentiscosa, with its fascinating history, food and wine traditions and natural setting, is an ideal destination for those seeking an authentic experience in the heart of Cilento. Visiting Lentiscosa means discovering a corner of rare beauty and authenticity, far from mass tourism, and diving into an atmosphere of serenity and authenticity that reflects the soul of the Cilento land.

Traditions and food and wine: the Cilento soul
A food and wine icon of Lentiscosa is undoubtedly the maracuoccio, a small pea-like legume, a Slow Food presidium and still cultivated according to tradition, without the use of fertilizers or chemicals. Maracucciata, a typical dish of the village, is a polenta made with maracuoccio flour, wheat, chickpeas, spelt, field beans and chickling peas, enriched with extra virgin olive oil, bread croutons, onion, garlic and chili peppers.

Feasts and festivals
The traditions of the village of Lentiscosa are also expressed through festivals and festivals, which celebrate religious holidays and typical local products. The Sagra del Maracuoccio, organized every year, is a celebration of this characteristic legume and the ancient recipe for maracucciata.

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