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Church of San Michele Arcangelo

What to see in Citerna, Perugia, Umbria

The ancient Parish Church of San Michele Arcangelo is located not far from the current and since the XII century it became the parish church of Citerna where there was the baptismal font. The church collapsed definitively during the terrible earthquake that struck the country and all the High Tiber Valley in 1917 but already in 1810 the officiatura was moved from the parish church of San Michele at the nearby church of SS. The Sacrament.

The current church has a very simple architecture provided a scanty gabled facade with central rose window and a latin cross with a single nave in which overlook six chapels; the choir of the church is square and surmounted by a barrel vault. Inside it preserves important and valuable works of art realized from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. In the first chapel on the left is an oil on board of San Nicola da Tolentino and souls in Purgatory, (secc. XVII-XVIII) and top Solomon between concubines (secc. XVII-XVIII). The second is a glazed ceramic depicting a Madonna with Child (sec. XVI-XVII) considered the work of Giovanni della Robbia; the sculpture comes from the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception was built from the homonymous Confraternity attached to the ancient Pieve di San Michele and unfortunately was destroyed during the earthquake of 1917. In the third chapel is instead a canvas depicting San Michele Arcangelo (20th century).

In the first chapel on the right is an oil on panel depicting Saint Lucia and Saint Anthony of Padua and Saint Felice of Cantalice (XVII century), and the high a canvas with Moses saved from the waters (secc. XVII-XVIII); in the second it is a votive statue in papier surmounted by a canvas depicting the Padreterno (XVIII century); in the third chapel is placed a picture of the Virgin.

The most significant work in this church is certainly the Crucifixion (1570, oil on canvas, cm 334x212) of Niccolò Circignani, known as Pomarancio arranged, after a long restoration, in the chapel of the right transept. In the upper part of the painting is the Crucifixion of Christ surrounded by one of the two thieves; in the lower part, instead, in the foreground the Sorrowful Virgin surrounded by a flurry of about forty people. The work is dated at the bottom right: Nicolaus Circignanus de Pinxit Pomarancio and Giannis Petri Meozi love of opus hoc proud fecit 1570. A curiosity is given by the presence of a strange character dressed in red, a little dark skin and with glasses on your face seen by critics as possible demonic character with the semblances themselves of the artist.

  • Corso Garibaldi, 6, Citerna (Perugia)
  • Religious location

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San Michele Arcangelo

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