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Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie

What to see in Pescopennataro, Isernia, Molise


Located in the modern square of Pescopennataro, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie dates back to 1880 and, in the past, was used as a burial place for the dead.

Upon entering, thanks to a particular illusion created by accentuating the depth of the half-pillars separating the arches of the hall that house the side altars, it seems that the church possesses three naves in reality there is only one nave.
Very striking is the altar dedicated to St. Margaret of Antioch not only for the 19th-century statue of her, considered among the most original in Molise because of the presence of the monster that devoured her and from whose belly she emerged using the cross as a "scalpel," but also for the original stucco decorations.

Equally remarkable is another statue depicting the mighty Saint Anthony Abbot.

  • Religious location


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