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Giustiniani Palace

What to see in Monte Rinaldo, Fermo, Marche


The palace was the residence of the noble Giustiniani family. The rococo-style building fits into the southern city wall and remains can be discerned along the southern facade. It has the typical characteristics of the noble dwellings of the Fermo area and is a fundamental part of the perimeter of the square of Monte Rinaldo, recognizable by its architectural features such as the richly decorated oval openings in the case of the piano nobile. The main elevation opens onto Piazza Umberto I, while the southern one opens onto the town's defensive walls, lacking, however, external architectural decorations.

The palace has three floors: basement, ground floor and main floor. The basement functioned as a cellar and warehouse given the presence of two internal caves, has a separate entrance that opens directly into the square and overlooks the southern walls. The ground floor, which was inhabited until the 1990s, underwent restoration work that almost entirely erased the ornaments and also led to the replacement of the old wooden floor slab with a concrete one in order to adapt the space to living needs. The main floor, on the other hand, is the most noteworthy as it consists of rooms that are all richly decorated and feature wooden ceilings supported by tempera-painted beams and tiles painted with floral motifs. The other ceilings are made of camorcanna plaster.

The main wall decoration of the palace is the Hall of Coats of Arms on the walls of which are painted the coats of arms of the noble families who have inhabited the palace over the centuries, including that of the Giustiniani family. On the far left of the palace is the Chapel of Saint Flora Martyr, which housed the relics of the saint of the same name, now in the Church of the Holy Sacrament and Rosary.

  • Piazza Umberto I, Monte Rinaldo (Fermo)
  • Palace

Monte Rinaldo

Monte Rinaldo

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Restaurant Poggio Verde
Via Svarchi, 31 - 63824, Altidona (Fermo)
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