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Wild Woman House Museum

What to see in Neive, Cuneo, Piedmont

For over sixty years the Brothers Lidia and Romano Levi, continuing the tradition of their ancestors, have produced a unique Grappa, known to all as "Grappa of wild Woman". It is not only a distillate of marc, but also the art expressed by Lidia in compositions of herbs immersed in bottles or by Romano in poetic labels, hand-drawn; for these works was even identified a real artistic current baptized: wild art.
Everyone knows these bottles of grappa, many collectors the jealously kept, the italian restaurants the most famous in the world proudly the show as a symbol of national food and wine, a museum is dedicated to them, other museums and galleries the expose as little masterpieces; very few have the courage to open them and drink the content, but is only enjoying it that the magic is accomplished.

The study and the realization of a "home" intended to accommodate the 'wild' Woman of Langa originated from the analysis of the intangible heritage anthropological study of the territory of the Langhe. In the collective imaginary (and in reality, at least until a few years ago) the figure of the "wiild Woman" has always been strong and present: a woman hardly inquadrabile in social conventions dominant, for nothing attentive to appearances and reluctant to conformism that abounds in the countryside; a woman independent, fair, autonomous and able to fend for themselves and most of the times, to others; a woman, then, the archetype of the difficulties and joys, of the hardship materials and of the spiritual riches of peasant life has remained unchanged over the centuries.

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