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Archaeological Area of Piazza Lorch

What to see in Oria, Brindisi, Apulia, Salento


In September 2015, in the south-eastern sector of Piazza Lorch were found the remains of a Messapian necropolis, with the remains of at least 15 tombs disposed around a well, all entirely carved into the rock and covered with plaster. The tomb structures have returned several burials fit between the Hellenistic age and the late republican age romana (III-III century a.C.). According to the data of the excavation, the tombs were private of covers in blocks of limestone and plundered of burial objects more important already in the Roman Age (II century B.C.), when the area continues to be partially reused to funerary objects. Follows a occasional frequentation of this place among the imperial age and the late medieval age, tied to the extraction of blocks of limestone, disposal of animal carcasses and the burial of an adult individual ( X- XII sec. d.C.). In the course of the month of December 2015, archaeological investigations were extended along Via Torre S.S., allowing you to shed light on large tracts of rock, among which a silo (granary), to form sub rectangular, and a rectangular well dug in the rock, both due to the Hellenistic age ( IV- II sec a.C.). The area has been the subject of a project to develop with the objective of enhancing the charm and return to the local community and visitors to one of the most suggestive archaeological complex of the territory.

  • Piazza Lorch, Oria (Brindisi)
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La Locanda del Ristoro
Starters, orecchiette and meat dishes stand out between all the courses.
Via Brindisi 39/41, Cisternino (Brindisi)
4861.04 Kilometers from
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