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Ancient Icebox

What to see in Strozza, Bergamo, Lombardy

Situated in the medieval village of Amagno in Strozza, the ancient icebox, testifies today as it was preserved in ancient times the cold, an essential element for the preservation of perishable foods in the summer months. The Ice House "the mother of all the freezer" , served to keep the cold, when there were no refrigerators. This occurred thanks to the ice and snow accumulated inside it during the winter and protected by the dome buried or covered in soil, fresh maintained the temperature until the next winter. With the advent of artificial ice the iceboxes were abandoned and demolished or left in the complete abandonment.

Everything is completed not more than 50 years ago, but seem to past centuries since then both the world of iceboxes is far from the current world supertecnologico. The origins of the Ice House of Amagno, whose mouth is present in the square behind "Ca del maestro" is not given to know, perhaps was built together with the noble building from which departs the trench duct of access, or perhaps was added in a second time. Even the news on its use in the past are not easy to reconstruct, some have never seen use the icebox, while other testimonies it was learned that was used, the snow was collected in the surrounding fields, and then by the gerlo flow at the inlet. Was then placed inside the freezer.

  • località Amagno, 31, Strozza (Bergamo)
  • 035 863180
  • Mueum
  • Monument /attraction

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