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Grand Hotel

What to see in San Pellegrino Terme , Bergamo, Lombardy

The Grand Hotel is located on the left bank of the river Brembo, on the opposite side of the Municipal Casino. Inaugurated in the summer of 1904, it represents, by size and monumentality, the best architectural example of San Pellegrino Terme.

Designed by Romolo Squadrelli in collaboration with the engineer Luigi Mazzocchi, responsible for the construction of the spa, the seven-storey building was equipped with elevators, electricity, drinking water and telephone in all 250 rooms; the furnishings were lavish as to arouse amazement and wonder even among the aristocratic clients.

The facade of the Hotel, well 128 meters long, shows a decorative richness unique in its kind, composed of dozens of statues, caryatids, zoomorphic elements, putti and festoons.
The interior has a rigid layout of the rooms, the atrium and the staircase in the middle, while the living and dining rooms on the sides.
But in 1979 the Grand Hotel, due to its very expensive management and without fundamental elements, closed its doors.

  • Monument /attraction
  • Palace
  • Suitable for disabled people

San Pellegrino Terme

San Pellegrino Terme

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