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The Church of San Marco

What to see in Locorotondo, Bari, Apulia

To the north, about five kilometers from the village of Locorotondo, in proximity of the Selva di Fasano there is the contrada San Marco. One of the hundred districts of Locorotondo highly populated with a life of community well developed and organized. At the center of the contrada stands the church of San Marco. A time this area corresponded to the hamlet of Santa Maria di Cignano with a small church dedicated to Santa Maria Maddalena. Around 1678 the bishop of monopolies did rebuilding on the site occupied by the Church a new sacred building dedicated to San Marco. The church presents a Tao plan. The two transepts are different era, due to enlargements that the church has suffered in the course of the centuries. The left transept is the oldest that unlike the other is marked by stone arches and deep recesses on the right. At the bottom of the wall there is an altar to the wall and in the floor can be glimpsed the openings to the hatch making suspect the existence of an ancient cemetery. According to some historians originally this transept was the only religious structure exists which was then enlarged with the other two branches also changing the orientation of the building. The structure is externally covered with roofs to cummerse facts with the chiancarelle in perfect harmony with the construction technique of trulli. At the top of the Facade and Tympanum rises a bell tower with a lytic cross. The church is preceded by a large square that hides a great cistern of rain water used by peasants in the period of greatest drought. Far from the ancient church one can catch a glimpse of the modern church of San Marco with a dome high coated with the chiancarelle. The church can be visited in the following opening hours: 7,30-12,30 17,00-20,00.

  • Contrada San Marco, 95, Locorotondo (Bari)
  • 080 4313099
  • Religious location



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= distances as the crow flies
= distances as the crow flies
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Via Verrone, 11 - 70122, Bari (Bari)
4878.74 Kilometers from Locorotondo
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= distances as the crow flies


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