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Landscapes, views and paths through the villages of love

Wednesday 25 march 2020

For those who love a sensory journey with romantic notes, the Ligurian coast and the villages of Lucignano and Varenna are rich in landscapes, views and paths.

Landscapes, views and paths through the villages of love

The Cinque Terre are an imaginary heritage of the soul, and for those who love a sensory journey with romantic notes, the Ligurian coast and the villages of Lucignano and Varenna are rich in landscapes, views and paths capable of satisfying the 5 senses and the emotion that synthesizes a unique experience: love.
The eastern coast of the Cinque Terre is steeped in the scents of its cuisine of land and sea, which have made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the smallest naturalistic park in Italy with its 5 anthropic settlements of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Riomaggiore and Manarola.

Cinque Terre

Right in the last village there is one of the most romantic roads among the Italian villages: the Via dell'Amore, partially uninhabitable after the landslide of 2012. The street is a brushstroke by a painter who chisels the villages gathered among the rocks like nests, facing a crystal clear sea that reflects the pastel colors of the picturesque settlements of the houses; it is inserted in the green and in the vineyards terraces, built by expert and resilient hands.
Walking along the romantic paths, means taking a sensory journey full of deep emotions. The path starts from the train station and, as in an imaginary track, leads to visit lands and landscapes surrounded by the scent of nature, with the exotic addition of prickly pears as a corollary of the rocks, this The Way of Love, a destination for lovers and not only, is suspended over the sea between the villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola. It is two hundred meters long, as long as the seal of a kiss of love.
The path is one of the most sought-after destinations for those who believe that its views are not only breathtaking but also the frame for a longing for love. The path is the synthesis of man's wisdom in shaping the territory by coexisting with the flora and fauna.

The path of love is part of the "blue path", which is suspended thirty meters above the sea and connects the villages in the enchantment of the Ligurian coast. To access the path you will pay a small price, useful to safeguard from erosion the precious terraces and the landscape. We advise you to visit it in the morning or at dusk, to capture the shades and colours that only the nature of the Cinque Terre can offer.

Via dell'Amore

The romantic suggestions of the village of Varenna

Varenna lies on Lake Como, a place for lovers. The lake landscape of the Larian village, with its colours, is the ideal location for a romantic stay. The village, suspended in time, can be reached by a romantic crossing of the lake, with literary references that recall the flight of love and Manzoni's characters. The centre seems to have been designed by a romance novelist, with walks on the lake, the Villa Monastero, an ancient residence of Cistercian nuns, now houses the botanical gardens and the beating of hearts in love.
The Villa dei Cipressi, with its terraces overlooking the lake, is the place to admire the view.
In Varenna there is the Lovers' Promenade, a structure laid out on the rocks and offering a unique view of the village and the lake. The arched path is full of plants and creepers that in spring and summer become rich in colours and olfactory fragrances able to enhance even more a feeling. Walking there is a panacea for lovers of all ages.


The tree of love of Lucignano

On the hills of Valdichiana, the medieval village of Lucignano stands out in the province of Arezzo, a strategic and commercial crossroads of the past, today it is the hub for the hearts of lovers.
The medieval village is made of concentric discs with narrow streets that unravel like an elliptical maze to the center of the village. The narrow streets lead to the gates of San Giusto and San Giuseppe, the only access roads to the medieval village.
From the top of Lucignano the "rich" and the "poor" streets where the noble and popular families lived depart. Today they are the romantic route of couples who follow them divided and then meet at the top. They are the location for a romantic game, using a labyrinth of emotions of architectural glimpses and then you can find the bandolo of the skein of their feelings.
The village has a special charm between history and legend, linked to the Tree of Love known as the Tree of Life and Gold, made of coral with crystal inserts where all lovers and newlyweds go to seal their promises. The tree is located in the square inside the municipal museum and is a reliquary where couples promise each other eternal love in September during "La Festa degli Sposi" and Valentine's Day.

Photo by weekendromanticotoscana


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