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RespirArt: the highest art park in Val di Fiemme

Thursday 08 july 2021

An open-air museum in the Dolomites of Trentino with 29 works installed along a loop of 3 km, between the Monte Agnello refuge and the Chalet Caserina.

RespirArt: the highest art park in Val di Fiemme

Of the 21 open-air museums in Italy, the highest is the RespirArt art park. It is located in Val di Fiemme, at an altitude of 2,200 meters, in the Dolomites of Trentino, and can be reached by chairlift.
Since 2011, the artists take turns every summer, in July, among the high pastures of Pampeago, to give shape to a clear message of love addressed to the climate and the environment.

29 silent gestures in favor of the climate
The Val di Fiemme art park, curated by Marco Nones and Beatrice Calamari, has 29 works. They are installed along a 3-kilometer loop between Rifugio Monte Agnello and Chalet Caserina.
Every summer, in the last week of July, the international environmental art event RespirArt invites international and emerging artists to express their work in front of the Latemar Dolomites, a World Heritage Site.

During the traveling party RespirArt Day, Saturday, July 31, 2021, the journalist Maria Concetta Mattei will presentà the new installations of the 13° Manifestazione internazionale d’arte Ambientale RespirArt. The artists who will be guests of this edition will be Jano Sicura, born in Ferla in the Syracuse area, who works between Sicily, Germany and Argentina, and who in Romania founded the Museum of Figurative Art of Constanta (1998). In the art park RespirArt of Pampeago he will create a work with iron wire entitled “Bozzolo”. Its chrysalis will wrap a large stone already present in the park as if to reveal an embryonic state, a secret life, a form of life only sketched. Poetically, the artist imagines infinite worlds and forms of life still possible. His cocoons of symbolic energy, his iron knots and his drawings invite us to establish a direct relationship with matter.

At his side, the Val di Fiemme artist Elio Vanzo, director of the Museo d’arte Contemporanea di Cavalese, will return to create in the park with the installation “Arcanuvola”. The ark will be installed at the entrance of the path dedicated to the climate that leads from the park to the locality Tresca di Pampeago. In 2020, Elio Vanzo sculpted the work “Mediterraneo” in the RespirArt park, depicting a shepherd with his animal.

Polish artist Ryszard Litwiniuk, a member of the International Nature Art Network, will create a wooden work that challenges mechanics to interpret the rhythms of nature. He è has been chosen for Passau’s first art event “RespirArt Bavaria 2019”, the sister park to RespirArt Pampeago.

Mediterraneo, by Elio Vanzo
Elio Vanzo - Opera “Mediterraneo”

Visits and workshops in the park
From’summer 2021, in the RespirArt Park the Agnello chairlift will be transformed into a “seminovia” thanks to the gesture of visitors. In fact, if you take part in the artistic tour on Wednesdays and the environmental art workshop on Fridays, while you are flying over the park on the chairlift you can throw a handful of seeds extracted from the hay of the highest meadows of Val di Fiemme, rich in floral species.

The Rete delle Riserve Destra Avisio uses this “fiorume”, to enrich the poorest meadows with autochthonous species, respecting the environmental balance.
The seeds come from the meadows of Val di Fiemme - explains Andrea Bertagnolli, forestry technician of the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme - managed according to traditional agronomic practices; in particular, they come from meadows at medium-high altitude, therefore characterized by the presence of local species (and not commercial varieties not suitable for our environment) adapted to grow in those situations.

Actività RespirArt: Chi semina fiori... raccoglie arte
Every Wednesday, in Pampeago, fly over RespirArt, travelling on the first and only “Seggiovia-Seminovia”.
At 9.30 a.m., in front of the Chairlift-Seminovia Agnello you will meet the artistic guide who will give you the seeds and will accompany you to sow flowers, to feed the earth, the bees, the goats and the cows. Then, the guide takes you on a tour of the park’s artwork. Listening to her, along the 3 km loop, you will discover the inspirations of the artists who have created works of art in the presence of the Latemar.
You can have a gourmet break on the terraces of the Monte Agnello and Chalet Caserina refuges or on the artistic benches of the park, created to enjoy the “Pic-Nic ad Arte” prepared by the two refuges.

You create life and beauty: in the world's highest art park you sow flowers and gestures of environmental art. In Pampeago, the RespirArt environmental and art workshop for adults and children runs from 2 July to 10 September.


Every Friday at 9.30 a.m., meet at the start of the Agnello chairlift in Pampeago with the artistic guide who will give you the seeds to fly over the RespirArt park generating flowers, to feed the earth, the bees, the goats and the cows. Then, you collect the natural raw materials to create and place works of land art along the 3 km loop.
Possibility of a gourmet stop on the terraces of the Monte Agnello and Chalet Caserina refuges or on the artistic benches of the park, created to enjoy in nature the “Pic-Nic ad Arte” prepared by the two refuges.

The idea of the "Art picnic"
Amidst works of art and artistic benches, in the RespirArt park in Pampeago, the “Art picnic” flourish.
The Chalet Caserina, in addition to menù to be enjoyed on the terrace, offers two baskets for Pic-nic to art, to be completed, if desired, with Ferrari bubbles.

Pic Nic ad Arte_Pg photo Gaia Panozzo 26052020-GAP_0905 - web 2

Photo by Gaia Panozzo 

The Caravaggio basket offers polenta tacos with meat, potato tortello, apple and RespirArt cake with Pampeago blueberry jam, while the Arcimboldo basket è the vegetarian version. If you want you can add a mignon of Ferrari bubbles.

The Monte Agnello Refuge, at an altitude of 2,200 meters, in addition to the typical menus to be enjoyed on the terrace, prepares three picnic baskets with artistic sandwiches, desserts and fruit. From Segantini, which smells of the mountain, to the sandwich and the fruit cut dedicated to Fontana, up to the basket Ligabue, sincere, immediate and genuine.
Visitors can enjoy them on the artistic benches created with the pine trees of the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme felled by the storm Vaia in 2018.

Pic Nic ad Arte_Pg photo Gaia Panozzo 26052020-GAP_0905 - web

Photo by Gaia Panozzo 

Changing works in tune with nature
RespirArt, in addition to being the highest park, is also the only one that can be visited on skis during the winter. The works, in fact, overlook the Agnello slope of the Ski Center Latemar.
Each of them is entrusted to the snow, to the spring storms and to the high altitude sun. The atmospheric agents do not ruin the works, on the contrary, they complete them, shaping them and changing their colors.
The creative gesture of “letting go” works of art in the nature invites to rely on the changes and, therefore, to the life that è continuous transformation. Observing them you can clearly perceive the harmony that can reach man in contact with nature.

How to reach the park
From Tesero you can reach Pampeago (a tourist resort in Val di Fiemme, Trentino). If you want to reach the highest part of the park (2.200 meters above sea level) you can take the Agnello chairlift (open from June 26th to September 12th - timetable 8.30-13.00 / 14.15-17.30) that leads to the Monte Agnello refuge. Those who prefer to climb on foot can park at the start of the Tresca chairlift. Here a small road (trail 514) leads to Chalet Caserina (about 45 minutes uphill) which is located in the lowest part of the park (altitude 2,000 m). The 3 km loop, dotted with art installations, can be covered in two hours.

Main photo: Mind eye by Olga Ziemska RespirArt Park 2015 -  photo Pg Del Pero


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